9 Best Dyson Vacuums, Tested by Experts at Discompare

Though those who own a Dyson vacuum love it and tell everyone if they need one, you may question what their website signifies. Do they justify the cost? After years of hoover testing, we have numerous opinions and conclusions.

First, the brand sells several vacuums with misleading names at various Dyson vacuum price ranges and with different features. Not all have lasers. Some are always on sale, others never. Which suits you? Since we’ve owned every type and model, that’s our most frequently requested question as a house tester. We will provide this link to all Dyson vacuum cleaner buyers; we’re sorry, but the answer depends on you, your home, and your budget.

The 9 Best Dyson Vacuums of 2023, Tested And Reviewed

1. Dyson Vacuum Cordless Gen5 Detect

The most helpful approach to rate Dyson is in order of what’s new because what’s new is what’s most significant when it comes to Dyson. This is the current model in our flat, and it has wowed us the most during our years of testing. As you’ll see as we break down the models below, previous versions usually needed to be improved in some aspect, from run time to chamber capacity.

We are still determining how Dyson will improve on this one because it’s already the best. It can run for up to 70 minutes, collect 0.2 gallons of dust (a lot), and, most significantly, feature the sought laser system. It is built inside a soft brush and shows every minute item of dust and grime on your floors, directing you to where you should clean. The machine’s soft head can be rinsed, and its overall use is excellent for almost anyone. You will be satisfied with small apartments or large homes.

This is the base model of the Gen5 Detect that you can purchase on Amazon for a more detailed breakdown. The Absolute models on Dyson’s website feature more attachments and come in unique colors. And the Outsize, which is ideal for larger households, comes with a larger waste bin.

  • Newest model
  • Has all the latest techs and specs
  • Long run time
  • Large Chamber (and an upgraded option)
  • Pricey
  • Honestly, nothing else aside from that price tag

Charge Time:4.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 70 mins

Weight:7.72 lbs

 Dyson Gen5 Detect Cordless Vacuum



2. Dyson V15 Detect Submarine​

Please make sure the label v15 is distinct from, I’m afraid, v15 with the model below (a little older); the submarine is brand new. We call this the “Best Wet/Dry Vacuum” because it’s the only one they have. However, its inventiveness remains.

It’s the brand’s newest and most eagerly anticipated product, one that Dyson fans have been anticipating for a long time. We’ve been testing it for several weeks, and it has yet to disappoint. It vacuums just as well as anything else your own, and we are afraid, runs at 240aw, which is perfect for someone who lives in a city flat, and the wet mop system has made cleaning my bathroom and hardwood floors a million times easier.

We won’t be able to bore you with details about how clean your floors were, but it is pretty simple to use. The storage is where this device excels. If you’re low on room and want a compact hoover and mop, this is the ideal for you. This is the option for flat dwellers. A long-lasting two-in-one model will not disappoint.

  • Able to work on tough stains
  • You only need one device
  • No-hair-tangle technology
  • Great for people who live in small spaces
  • Pricey
  • It’s a great duo device but not the best mop out there

Weight:9 lbs

Charge Time:4.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 60 mins


Dyson V15 Detect Submarine​

3. Dyson Vacuum Cordless V15 Detect

The V15 was released approximately a year ago, and even with the recent debut of the Gen5 Detect above, it remains one of Dyson’s most advanced versions. What’s the best part? Because it’s a little older now, Dyson vacuum offers it on sale everywhere so that you can buy one of the most excellent versions for a more reasonable dyson vacuum price .

It also has a lot of features. It features the technology to automatically adjust suction by recognizing whether the floor is hard or carpeted. Of course, we adore laser technology. Finally, its clever LCD panel digitally displays how much run time you have left and the suction rate. Believe me when I say all these things will transform your life. You may get it in a different color here.

  • Updated tech
  • Laser technology
  • Anti-hair tangle technology
  • On sale
  • Still over $500
  • While it has updated tech, it’s not the newest

Weight:6.82 lbs

Charge Time:4.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 60 mins

Dyson Vacuum Cordless V15 Detect

4. Dyson Vacuum Cordless V12 Detect Slim

You can trust Dyson to do a superb job regardless of model, but if you’re looking to save space, the V12 is the brand’s slimmest and lightest cordless vacuum for both carpet and hard floors.

To be precise, it weighs 5.2 pounds, significantly less than the 9-pound Gen5 Detect (high specs equal a lot of hardware). While it may not appear much, the size difference is evident in person, making the v12 more straightforward to store and scoot around the house. On the newer side, the exact specs are there, including the laser, de-tangling head, and LCD screen.

If you don’t need the latest engine or live in a tiny space, the compact V12 is stylish and practical, with a single touch on/off switch that some previous models lack.

  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Has laser tech
  • Small chamber holds less debris
  • Not the most advanced
  • Still over $500

Weight: 5.22 lbs

Charge Time:3.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 60 mins

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Cordless Vacuum

5. Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum

If you’ve been avoiding wireless upright versions because you have a larger home and are concerned that the chamber won’t be large enough or the run duration won’t be long enough, the Outsize might be for you.

This model is a couple of years old and is being phased out. Dyson is leaning towards releasing an Outsize version of its products, like the Gen5 Detect, for people who prefer a larger bin.

This is still a fantastic value. It’s not the most recent model, but it has upgraded hair-detangling technology that will keep your cleaner head, a 60-minute run time, and, best of all, a larger bin. The new 0.5-gallon container is 150% larger than the V15 detects, allowing you to clean your entire house (perhaps more than once) without needing to empty it immediately away.

  • Long run time that stands up to newer models
  • Good for large homes
  • Waste bin is 150% larger than the V15 detect
  • Still boasts a powerful motor
  • On sale
  • No lasers
  • Older models being phased out
  • Larger size is not suitable for everyone

Weight:7.94 lbs

Charge Time:4.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 60 mins

 Outsize Cordless hoover

6. Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum

Regarding our earlier assertion that Dyson’s technology is built to last, the V10 is a good illustration. It was released in 2018, and it was so far ahead of its time that it is still regarded as one of the best on the market five years later, which is old in tech years.

If you are okay with not having the most up-to-date laser and LCD screen specs, the cheaper dyson vacuum price point here is a beautiful place to start. Even without the latest bells and whistles, the power speaks for itself, and the 60-minute run time makes it a winner. The original model is still available, and there is also a model designed exclusively for pet owners that is designed to pick up fur in an efficient manner that will not damage your vacuum.

  • Great power for a more affordable price
  • Always on sale
  • Model available in a pet hair option
  • No updated specs
  • No laser
  • Some users say it doesn’t run as long as claimed

Weight:5.71 lbs

Charge Time:3.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 60 mins

Dyson V10

7. Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum

The V8 is the most cheap and oldest model remaining on the market. Don’t you despise how it works? This was the model you presumably heard your Dyson-obsessed pals raving about when owning one was a status symbol.

Dyson has given its goods much-needed updates since the world was a happier place. The chamber on this device is from an older design that is more challenging and seamless to clean out than the modern models. Furthermore, the suction is less than spectacular and will likely be a $200 model on Amazon. While it does come in at just under $400, if that’s the amount you want to pay, go ahead and do it. However, for an additional $100, you can get the V10 model, which I’ve already mentioned is the most excellent buy from the brand.

  • Straight up cheapest one you will find
  • Still works…
  • Run time doesn’t last
  • Out-of-date tech

Weight:11 lbs

Charge Time :5 hours

Run Time:Up to 40 mins

Dyson V8


8. Omni-Glide Vacuum

If portability is essential, the Dyson Omni-glide is the best Dyson stick vacuum we’ve tested. Unlike a more traditional cordless model like the Dyson V8, it’s solely intended for cleaning hard floors: the omnidirectional floorhead’s two soft rollers can’t dig into carpet fibers to lift trash. Furthermore, because of its small dirt compartment and low maximum battery life of only half an hour, it is best suited for quick clean-ups around the house rather than thorough cleaning sessions. However, at just under four and a half pounds, it weighs even less than other lightweight Dyson vacuum cleaner, such as the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, and its ingeniously shaped floorhead allows you to pivot around obstructions such as table legs and coat racks with no effort.

Its five-stage filtration technology, which includes an integrated HEPA filter, is excellent at keeping allergens like pet dander at bay. While there is no small turbo brush or straight-suction upholstery tool for cleaning fabric surfaces, it does include a soft-bristle dusting brush and a crevice tool for cleaning tight locations.


  • Cleans hard floors amazing
  • Good for small spaces
  • Fun to zip around
  • Doesn’t work on carpet
  • Should still own an enormous vacuum

Weight: 4.18 lbs

Charge Time:3.5 hours

Run Time: Up to 20 mins

Omni-Glide hoover

9. Dyson Ball Animal 3 Extra Upright Vacuum

So you’ve got a lot of pet hair in your house. We are sorry to tell you that an upright model is the best option. It was designed with a particular Motorbar head to suction up even the finest hair—fun fact, that’s cat fur, which is far thinner and more difficult to suck up than any other sort of pet or human hair.

What sets this upright model apart is its filtration technology, which works with pets and allergens. The motor also includes a filter that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns—that is, little germs or particles—holds them in the reusable filter and then only discharges clean air. Who knew an upright model could be so good? It also includes a pet grooming tool to brush, clean, and hoover your pet.

  • Engineered to pick up pet hair
  • Extra powerful engine that only comes with plug-in models
  • Not cordless
  • Still on the pricey side for an older model
  • Not fun to use

Weight:17.3 lbs

Run Time: Infinitely, plugged in

Extra Upright hoover


Dyson vacuum cleaner products, air purifiers, fans, hand and hair dryers, and other household appliances. They have a wide range of stick/handheld vacuums. Although however, they created canister vacuums and standard uprights. They have no recurrent expenditures because Dyson’s cyclonic technology is used throughout their lineup, removing the need for a dirtbag and screening allergens. Dyson vacuum cleaners are lightweight, maneuverable, and adaptable in general. However, they typically have an extensive list of parts to clean regularly, a plasticky build quality, and, in the case of cordless models, a slightly restricted runtime in high-power modes.


Are Dyson vacuums worth the money?

While there are lots of other practical (and less expensive) Hoover brands on the market, we believe Dyson vacuums are worth the extra money.

Dyson vacuums are worth the investment if you’re looking for an extremely reliable vacuum with the best suction power,. Dysons have advanced filtration, which means your vacuum is picking up more dust, hair, and particles while also expelling cleaner air into your home.

Which Dyson vacuum models and sub-models are available?

There are so many Dyson vacuum cleaners, and they all have very similar names, that it can be difficult to tell them apart. “Dyson naming conventions can reference where the product is sold, special features, and additional accessories included,” according to Cole. “Absolute” vacuums, for example, are generally available only on Dyson’s website and may come in a particular color, including HEPA filtration, or have additional accessories.

“Our customers have varying home types and sizes and different cleaning needs, which is why we engineer vacuums across formats, including corded upright and cordless stick vacuums,” said Cole. “Powerful suction, effective pick-up, and advanced or HEPA filtration are at the heart of all Dyson technology.” There is no one-size-fits-all vacuum, so we provide vacuums that vary in size, weight, and power to meet individual home demands.

Cole explains the critical distinctions between Dyson vacuum below. If you’re genuinely stumped, Dyson’s website provides a “Help Me Choose” quiz that will help you figure out which vacuum is ideal for you.

Gen5: The most recent additions to the Gen5 series are the Gen5detect and Gen5outsize. “Both feature Dyson’s next-generation Hyperdymium motor and are the most powerful HEPA cordless vacuums,” according to Cole.

V-series: You’ve probably seen one of Dyson’s V-series vacuums before, such as the V8, V11, V12, and V15. According to Cole, the primary differences between all models are size, weight, battery life, and power. On top of that, “the Dyson V12, V15, Gen5detect, and Gen5outsize feature the new Fluffy Optic cleaner head to illuminate invisible dust on hard floors,” according to Cole.

Outsize: The primary distinction between Outsize and other models is that Outsize vacuums feature more giant dustbins and wider floor heads, making them ideal for cleaning vast areas (such as entire homes).

Ball: Dyson upright vacuums are classified as “Ball” models. “The Ball family, including the Ball Animal 3, Ball Animal 3 Extra, and Ball Animal 3 Complete, represent our latest upright machines with detangling brushbar technology, which it shares with the cord-free range,” according to Cole. “The key differentiators from our cordless hoover technology are the unlimited runtime and size.”

Omni-glide: The Omni-glide vacuum ‘is the slimmest and most maneuverable Dyson vacuum, ideal for rapid, multi-directional cleaning on hard surfaces,’ according to Cole. If you have a lot of rugs and carpets in your home, you should choose a different model because this one only works on hard surfaces.

Which Dyson vacuum is the most powerful?

Dyson is constantly refining its vacuums, so it stands to reason that its most recent model offers the best suction force. “Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum is the Gen5detect, with 280AW [air watts] of powerful suction,” according to Cole. In our tests, we discovered that no matter what debris we threw in its path, the Dyson Gen5detect vacuumed it up with ease.

How long do Dyson vacuum cleaners last?

Dyson vacuum cleaners have a lifespan of around ten years, longer than any other vacuum on the market—especially for cordless vacuums one of the customers said. She adds that Dyson is known for its excellent customer care, so if your vacuum needs repair or maintenance, contact customer service, and the brand will see what it can do to help extend the life of the vacuum.



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