All American 1930 21.5qt Pressure Cooker

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All American 1930 21.5qt Pressure Cooker


All American 1930 21.5qt Pressure Cooker Price History


Current Price $419.95 May 16, 2024
Highest Price $480.00 November 19, 2023
Lowest Price $399.00 December 2, 2023
Since November 19, 2023

Last price changes

$419.95 December 6, 2023
$413.94 December 5, 2023
$419.00 December 4, 2023
$399.00 December 2, 2023
$419.95 November 24, 2023

All American 1930 21.5qt Pressure Cooker Description

Big Jobs, Small Time

Are you looking for the ultimate canning and pressure cooking tool that helps you save time and energy, while still ensuring your food is of the highest quality? Look no further! The All American 1930-21.5qt Pressure Cooker/Canner is the perfect choice for preserving food! This sleek device allows you to can vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish quickly and safely. The 921 is built with heavy-duty, hand-cast aluminum for maximum durability and maximum performance. With its large 21.5-quart capacity, you can easily tackle big jobs in no time, while still providing the finest results possible.

Precision Control

The All American 1930-21.5qt Pressure Cooker/Canner offers precise control over temperatures and pressure. This allows you to tweak and adjust settings to perfectly match your desired results. Plus, its solid-metal handles guarantee a safe and secure seal every time. With a simple turn of the gauge, you can set the pressure to 5, 10, or 15 PSI with complete accuracy and ease. The precision control eliminates guesswork and ensures you get the job done the right way each and every time.

Durable and Built to Last

The sturdy construction of the All American 1930-21.5qt Pressure Cooker/Canner means that it is built to last. With its easy-to-clean finish and rust-resistant material, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or scratches even after years of use. Plus, the safety-conscious design includes an overpressure plug that will automatically vent to prevent accidents. That means you can use the 921 with complete peace of mind!


-Large 21.5-quart capacity
-Heavy-duty, hand-cast aluminum construction
-Precise pressure control
-Easy-to-clean finish
-Rust-resistant design
-Overpressure plug
-Automatic venting for added safety
-Solid-metal handles for secure handles

All American 1930 21.5qt Pressure Cooker Specification


All American


1.89 Liters



Closure Type




Finish Type


Product Dimensions

13.3"D x 17.5"W x 15.98"H

Special Feature

Gas Stovetop Compatible


110 Volts

Item Weight

17.8 Pounds

Control Method


Controller Type

Hand Control

Operation Mode


Is Dishwasher Safe





Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 2, 2003

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All American 1930 21.5qt Pressure Cooker Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    This is the product that was recommended to me by 3 people. I have not used it yet. It has all the safety features that I wanted. Also the price was better on Amazon than others.

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  2. Peter M.

    to small will only hold e bottles

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  3. Stephen Gagen

    I looked at all the pressure canners on the market, and decided that the extra money for the All American canner was money well spent. I used to work in a microbiology laboratory, and these canners are built like a professional autoclave, with a screw-down gasket-less lid. Everything else available is just a toy by comparison.
    I have owned pressure cookers and canners for many years, and I’m tired of gaskets that won’t seal properly, and of gaskets that are no longer available. The All American canners don’t need gaskets – a smear of oil on the tapered metal seal is sufficient. There is no hissing of steam until the relief valve opens!

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  4. Deal Seeker

    After reading about all the issues with the newer All-American canner I was very nervous about what I would get because I ordered a canner that was listed as like new. In the past I have always been happily surprised that the item was indeed like new but just cost less. I saw the condition of some new ones so I worried about this not new one. Well holding my breath I opened the box and found one ding on the outside of the canner. Everything else looked like new and even the forging marks around the top were only noticeable if you really looked for them and there was no pitting in the lid. I used Vaseline around the lid and pot edge hoping that it would keep it from sticking. Oh my wait was especially anxious because it was to arrive on a Saturday and I had lots of produce that I needed to can or it would surely go bad.

    After a quick read of the instructions which had been supplemented by many YouTube videos about using this type canner. First batch was 7 cans of squash since I figured screwing up on them would not be such a loss and I planned on eating them soon after I canned them. Would use them as a practice run. I have canned lots before but always with a hot bath. In hind site I took some chances. Well first batch I did not screw the lids on firmly enough and a good amount of the fluid came out. One lesson learned.

    There was a little bit of air escaping around the lid but it held the pressure well. This was described in the manual and said that it would end after a few batches. On my next three batches I did not see this again.

    I got no pass-by on the safety seal but the steam vent seems to let some air escape. Hard to tell and I was afraid to tighten it a little more. There was no explanation on this but it did seem to lessen on subsequent batches. The weight to maintain the pressure at the desired setting was very different from my other pressure cooker and I think it will take a little time to figure out when I have the heat set exactly right. The pressure stayed pretty constant as long as I kept it rattling every once in a while but I think it will take some time to learn how to control it better. The first batch I had some problems with getting the lid off. But a slight bump with a screwdriver, (actually a chisel) and it came right open. I did not reapply Vaseline prior to my next 3 batches but I had no trouble getting the lid off. When it drops to zero there still is a slight bit of pressure in there so I loosen the screws, pull the weight and then really loosen the wing nuts and the lid comes right off. I never had a release of steam so even if I opened it wrong there was no steam to hit my skin. The gauge seemed spot on at 10 pounds and read just shy of 15 pounds when the weight was set at 15. As the manual says the gauge is just as a reference but if the weight is releasing steam you are at the right pressure.

    My subsequent batches were tomatoes and unlike when I canned using a hot water bath I did have some bottles that would not seal. Apparently some of the tomato pushed through the lid and deposited some seeds. I did some more research and think that I should have cooked the tomatoes first and I would have had less of an issue but everything else sealed up well so I decided to redo these two bottles which were not full of cooked tomatoes. This time I also used 15 pounds and well both sealed well.

    Now that I finally bought the canner that I have been wanting for several years I find that thankfully I have no buyers remorse. I guess there might a bit more of a learning curve than I thought but I am always too optimistic and assume that it will go perfect the first time. But in general it is extremely easy to use and compared to my other cooker there is a whole lot less going on where you are wondering if everything is going well. I have a small presto and it seems like it seals in stages so the issue at the steam spout is inconsequential.

    It cleaned up easily and has me pretty excited about things I will can vs freeze in the future, such as pasta sauce where I always waited for a cold day where I could set the pot outside to cool. No longer, I can do it on the hottest day. Not too sure about canning meats though except I might do some things like chili or cubes so that I can whip a meal up fast. I usually buy meat on the day I am going to use it so not sure how great a savings it would be. I do think I am going to do soups for lunch.

    I would not hesitate to suggest that someone get this canner vs one of the lesser cost ones. I do not doubt that Presto makes a great product but this really is built for a lifetime and made in the US. It seems like it might be more of a hassle to use but I found it pretty simple.

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  5. monky R

    この商品は何しろデカい!取手まで金属で取手が火で溶ける事が無い!壊れる心配が無い!圧力が3段階選べる!カッコいい!等 いい事だらけです。
    場所をとるので置き場に困るのと、日本語の説明書が無いのが不満な所。しかし、普通に使う分には圧力鍋を使った事がある方なら 問題無く使えます。ちょっと違うのは、セットする時に蓋の接合部にバターや油を塗ってあげる事ぐらいかな。
    アルミなので酢で煮込むものはアルミが腐食します要注意です やってしまいました

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  6. Lolita M.

    The first time I used this product, I was having issues with the weighted/dial gauge not matching up. I called the manufactured and they sent replacements for both weighted and dial gauge (on separate occasions, as we were attempting to trouble shoot which gauge was the issue). Excellent product as well as customer service!!!

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  7. Leobardo

    Este equipo casi industrial, es muy bueno para acelerar los procesos de enlatado o cocción, es de notar que es importante tener un enfriamiento paulatino del equipo y cuidar del manómetro incluido, excelente para aquellos amantes de la cocina.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I am so glad I bought this!! I can everything with it! It has never failed me! More than worth the investment!

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  9. Marlayne Madison

    I tried another Pressure Canner that was far cheaper in price, but definitely was not near the quality and safety of this canner. This is not going to break down and you will not need to be trying to make it work better because it is a five star product that is better than the company even promotes.

    This is worth the money because it will last for you and the generations after you! This is a mustihave product for those that do can or want a very safe reliable pressure cooker for meals too! Love this canner and wish I would have purchased it years ago!

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  10. J.E. DePriest

    This is like the ones our Grandmothers used! No seal to mess with, mine holds quart jars and I love it. Just read the manual carefully, follow pressure canning directions for this cooker from the manual because a few things are different like times and pressure are different for this canner. As an extra bonus you will exercise those arms putting it on a shelf! Love it!

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  11. SSW

    I had a junk Chinese Presto that wasn’t even a year old and it actually exploded. Fortunately I was very lucky the cheap inferior Chinese Presto didn’t injure me or destroy my home. So after my horrible experience with the cheap inferior Presto pressure cooker I said no more of that ever again that cheap thing could have killed me. No different than car or motorcycle parts the Chinese parts = Death. The quality of this American made pressure canner is the best you can find. Inside and out it is a precision, heavy, flawless, and gorgeous cast with no imperfections. Use the instruction booklet and it will work beautifully. You will get the hang of using this one and love it. Sure it wasn’t cheap but this one will last the rest of my life plus it is made by a manufacturer known for the best quality casting of pressure cookers in the world. Take care of one of these and it will last forever. A tool proudly made in America that will be around to pass to future generations. You will also need to buy a good 1500w restaurant/commercial electric burner and your ready to rock and roll.

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  12. Amazon Customer


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  13. Denny P.

    I have the Presto 23 quart but became envious when I saw pictures of this 30 quart All American on Reddit. Being a self-spoil brat of the 50s, I treated myself. I can quite a bit of bone broth when I send cows off for slaughter. I love the fact that I can stack quart jars, which I couldn’t do in the presto. I also love the fact that I can set my temperature, align the correct pressure weight, and walk away, or in my case, clean up the kitchen while canning.

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