Bissell MultiClean Allergen Pet Rewind

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Bissell MultiClean Allergen Pet Rewind Description

High Performance Suction at Your Fingertips

The BISSELL MultiClean Allergen Rewind Pet Vacuum provides you with the reliable suction power you need for complete cleaning. This pet-friendly vacuum cleaner is specially designed to both powerfully remove stubborn pet hair, pet dander, and dust, while also providing enhanced air filtration systems to clean and filter the air. Enjoy intense cyclonic suction with the 8-amp motor, which allows you to have greater control over your cleaning and a more thorough outcome. Easily adjust the suction power as needed via the on-board power control, providing you with the versatility to clean whatever you need in your home.

Ideal for Pet and Allergy Sufferers

This BISVELL MultiClean Allergen Rewind Pet Vacuum reduces pet odors, allergens, and irritants in the home. The fully sealed system consists of a Multi-Level Filtration system with a washable and replaceable HEPA and charcoal filter which helps to capture 97% of pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens. Whether you suffer from pet allergies or not, this vacuum cleaner ensures your home stays clean and fresh.

Intuitive Features and Care

The lightweight design of the BISSELL MultiClean Allergen Rewind Pet Vacuum makes maneuvering it a breeze. You can easily transition from one room to the next, and the interchangeable cleaning head adapts to fit your needs. Plus, the cord-rewind feature ensures that you don’t have to wrestle with cords every time you use the vacuum. The large capacity bottom-empty dustbin can be emptied with just the push of a button, and the no-touch sealing system means your hands won’t be exposed to dirt.


  • 8-amp motor for powerful suction
  • On-board power control offers various levels of suction
  • Multi-Level Filtration system with a washable and replaceable HEPA and charcoal filter
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuvering
  • Interchangeable cleaning head
  • Cord-rewind feature for easy storage
  • Large-capacity bottom-empty dustbin
  • No-touch sealed system keeps hands clean
  • Ideal for pet hair, pet dander, dust, allergens
  • Easy to use and maintain

Bissell MultiClean Allergen Pet Rewind Specification



Special Feature

Automatic Cord Rewind

Power Source

Corded Electric

Included Components


Form Factor




Model Name

MultiClean Allergen Pet Rewind

Product Dimensions

12"L x 44.65"W x 11.93"H

Noise Level

70 dB



Number of Items


Item Weight

19.46 pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number


Batteries required


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Bissell MultiClean Allergen Pet Rewind Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Shannon Hodam

    Picks up the pet hair exceptionally well. So happy with my purchase

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  2. carrie

    This review is based on the 1/2 hour usage test. You might find that odd but here’s why. After a lot of research that included reviews, professional testing articles and Youtube videos I bought a SHARK Navigator. More expensive than the Bissell but widely reviewed & liked. It lasted less than 1/2 hour. I have both hardwood & carpet. The carpets are new, mostly wool low pile and throw off a good deal of fluff. I wouldn’t buy them again but that’s another story. I need a vacuum for them and for the rest of it. I took the SHARK out of the box and started in on the new rug. The brush immediately froze. Completely stuck on the rug fluff. I tried to trouble shoot but nope. I put it back in the box & it was returned within 24 hours. I started the quest for a decent vacuum all over. I have used an ORECK upright for 25 years. It was a work horse but needed service periodically and used bags which were a mess. After more research I bought the BISSELL. It was a bit less expensive than the ShARK but what sold me was a Youtube video. Not the kind of video with a talking head person lightly pushing a vacuum back and forth thru a clean house and talking about suction. Yes that is important but all of them have pretty much conquered that element. This guy took the BISSELL out of the box without a word. Snapped it together and started vacuuming the grossest looking rug I have ever seen. When the cup was full he stopped. Without a word he emptied it and went about finishing the job. Huge amounts of stuff were collected in that cup and the vacuum did not waiver. The brush kept going and so did he. I was sold. I did the same thing. Snapped it together & started on the rug. 2 cups of fluff later I’m all in. Here’s what I liked.

    1. Easy to assemble without reading and rereading the instructions.

    2. Great suction. To be expected but it’s very good

    3. It works well on wood floors & carpet. It has a shut off for the brush and you can adjust it for wood or pile.

    4. It’s very quiet. As vacuums go anyway. Much quieter than the SHARP

    5. It has 4 front lights which are very nice for seeing things that you might ordinarily miss

    6. The brush does NOT tangle. At least so far. Since the brush has a shutoff and you can adjust for pile height I think that may be helpful in solving that problem.


    1. It’s a bit heavy but not a dealbreaker

    2. It does not have a retractable cord. Neither did the SHARP but if I were a vacuum designer I would definitely figure out a way to put one on it. I’d pay more for the vac too.

    3. The cord could be longer. It’s not short but you don’t go very far.

    4. Once again, if I were a vacuum designer I would make the corners of a vac that bang into the walls & furniture from a soft plastic. No one does that but we who value our homes have to see the baseboards and furniture legs banged up from the vacuum. I have purchased some silicon bumper things on Amazon & I will try to put them on the vac to make hitting things less damaging. My old ORECK had a rubber bumper on the front that prevented that. Just a thought. I might also make the little wheels underneath from a rubber substance so they don’t drag on the wood floors and scratch them up. They’d glide better too.

    5. If I designed a vac I would make the brush compartment easy to access. Not 12 screws or whatever it is on most vacs. I would make it so you could pop open the brush compartment and snap out the brush to clean it and pop it back in. Like the filter or dirt cup. Just sayin. This brush problem is a deal breaker for most people and I for one would pay more for a better brush situation. This is a universal problem with all vacs.

    5. I haven’t used the attachments yet. I probably won’t. I don’t care about them. I have a little ORECK vac with all kinds of things that works great. I don’t have to carry all that stuff along on the big vac when I do the floors. I use another vac entirely so It’s not an issue for me. We don’t have stairs so that doesn’t come into this review either. I’ll update if the brush gets stuck or tangled. It’s not going back tho

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  3. Daniel Lacroix

    I’m not someone who usually likes to write about anything and therfore writing a review is not my top list of priorities
    However I felt I had to take a few minutes to share my experience with the Bissell 2998 Vacuum

    I absolutely love this vacuum. I’m a long time loyal fan and customer of Bissell
    This new vacuum that I recently purchased with Amazon is amazing. First a huge thank you to Amazon for making the purchase affordable for customers with their payment plan

    This vacuum has above all superior suction power. It is not as noisy as my previous vacuums. It maneuvers quite well. Numerous options for the maneuvering.
    It’s pretty much a lightweight vacuum.
    What I want to point out is that there’s LED Lights built in the vacuum at the front
    I have a degenerative eye condition and I have to say this feature is very important for me and I am very happy with Bissell for having this feature
    I am totally satisfied with my purchase

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  4. Leah

    Amazing suction power. Have been using dyson big ball for the last 3 years, and this vacuum literally changed the shade of my carpet. As inconvenient as any stand up vacuum on the stairs but worth it for the suction.

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  5. Customer

    Quite impressive. I have 3 different vacuums ( one for each floor) which were quite expensive. This is my preference and works the best. I didn’t think the light would matter and by golly. It hits the places I missed by my previous vacuum and I thought I was being thorough.

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  6. bwalker

    Important notes: I have not had this vacuum for long at all and have only used it a handful of times, so I cannot speak to its lasting power or it’s quality over time. I do not have any stairs, so I cannot attest to its stair cleaning ability. I am also a vacuum newbie, and don’t have a ton of vacuum experience to compare this to. However, I do have a deep love for vacuuming and will try as be as unbiased and honest as possible

    My review is five stars, when taking into account the price and promises of this vacuum. I’m sure there are vacuums that work a thousand times better than this, but for the price you are getting a quality vacuum. I wouldn’t say this vacuum is worth $500, but it is worth the <$200 I payed for it.

    – vacuum is easy to assemble and easy to take apart, with clearly labeled latches for all the features that can be detached and turned on/off
    – i find the whole thing very customizable and modular, but still easy to understand
    – the attachments are well designed, with the brush attaching to the tube attachment, and they store nicely on the main body
    – i wasn’t totally sold on the lift off feature, but i think it’s totally awesome after using it. i can get all sorts of new places
    – the lights on the front are incredibly bright and more useful than i thought they would be
    – the cleaning is super easy, and i appreciate that the filters can be reused and don’t create unnecessary waste/have to be ordered
    – it totally gets pet hair out of the carpet as promised
    – the tube is super flexible, and i love that you can use both the handle/wand as well as the tube on its own

    Things that are not pros or cons:
    – the vacuum steers pretty well, but can be a little unpredictable to control. there is definitely a learning curve
    – you have to reach inside the dirt chamber to clean part of the dirt chamber setup, which is probably standard, but is a little gross
    – vacuum is not super loud, but definitely noisy. pretty standard
    – attaching the lift off feature back to the base has a bit of a learning curve, more so than the other attachments
    – there is no lever to take the vacuum out of the upright position. i find this a bit stressful, as i feel like i’m going to break something.
    – I wouldn’t say the vacuum itself is absurdly heavy or unwieldy when used as a standard vacuum. it’s not as light as a stick vacuum, but i’ve certainly used heavier

    – the lift off feature is quite heavy. not great for people who are older or have mobility issues. i cannot imagine holding it while vacuuming blinds as is shown in the ads, and find myself usually setting it on a table/the ground
    – the reach of the lift off tube could definitely be longer
    – unlike other bissel vacuums, the cord does not wind back into the main body of the vacuum. i find it to be quite unwieldy, as it is very long. the extra reach is nice, but the cord is constantly in the way
    – i also find that the cord is hard to wrap, as it’s very thick and heavy
    – while the tank appears large, i find that it fills up quite quickly to the “full” line and needs to be emptied pretty often
    – the vacuum struggles to remove human hair from the carpet, and you will have to “scrub” the carpet with the brush attachment to get it out
    – the little brush attachment gets dirty really quickly, and you have to pull hair and lint off of it. also probably pretty standard, but it’s pretty icky.
    – the pet hair attachment can be a little difficult to use, especially when attached to the wand. and i don’t find myself using it over the normal brush attachment

    So that’s my review! Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, if you’re looking at mid range vacuums. It does what is promised, and as long as the cons don’t outweigh the pros, I would say go for it! I had a blast using this vacuum and will continue to have a blast using it until I can justify spending $500+ on a vacuum.

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  7. Chilionastick

    First off, this vacuum is probably one of the best vacuums I’ve owned in the sense that it does a great job picking up. We have 2 German Shepherds and when they shed, they SHED and this vacuum makes very short work of all the fur that’s left behind.

    The reason I do NOT recommend it: The unfortunate part and the reason I’m returning it is after only a week and a half of using it I’ve had to untangle it twice, the first time was with the pet tool and the second was with the main beater bar assembly which was so bad that it stopped, began smelling and when I disassembled it to remove the tangle I found that part of the beater bar assembly had melted.

    The vacuum itself is great, does a great job but there is a design flaw and hopefully Bissell can get this rectified because it definitely has potential of being fantastic!

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