COMFEE’ Dishwasher Portable 5L ‎CDC17P0ABB

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Current Price $299.99 April 22, 2024
Highest Price $299.99 November 14, 2023
Lowest Price $219.99 November 18, 2023
Since November 9, 2023

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$299.99 January 2, 2024
$254.99 December 22, 2023
$289.46 December 19, 2023
$254.99 December 5, 2023
$292.74 December 4, 2023

COMFEE’ Dishwasher Portable 5L ‎CDC17P0ABB Description

Portable Design for Maximum Convenience

The COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher Portable Dishwasher offers a unique solution to your dish cleaning needs. This sleek design fits in almost any space, making it ideal for small homes and apartments. Equipped with 5L water tank capacity, it provides you with enough water for one full kitchen cycle. The handles and rollers make it easy to move around whenever and wherever you need it. A powerful spray arm ensures fast and thorough cleaning of dishes. Best of all, this portable dishwasher is compact and lightweight, so you can transport it from one location to another with ease.

Durable Construction and Maintenance

The full stainless steel construction of the COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher Portable Dishwasher is designed to last for years. Its superior quality guarantees long-term, trouble-free usability. Additionally, its components and parts are easy to access and clean, enabling you to maintain the dishwasher without any hassle.

Versatile Performance

The COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher Portable Dishwasher is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to serve you in different ways. Whether you want to wash dishes or clean glassware and other utensils, this dishwasher does it all. Thanks to its comprehensive range of programs and settings, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. It also has a self-cleaning mode, which offers optimal results with minimum effort.

Energy Efficient Performance

The COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher Portable Dishwasher is designed for maximum energy efficiency. It features an auto-shutoff program that prevents water and energy waste. With up to 150 minutes of operation, this dishwasher operates quietly and efficiently, ensuring you of great service for a long time without running up your utility bills.

• 5L water tank capacity
• Durable stainless steel construction
• Easy-access parts and components for maintenance
• Handles and rollers for easy transport
• Comprehensive range of programs and settings
• Self-cleaning mode for optimum results
• 150-min energy efficient operation
• Auto shut-off for prevention of water and energy waste

COMFEE’ Dishwasher Portable 5L ‎CDC17P0ABB Specification

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎30.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎16.5 x 17.1 x 17.1 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎2 Place Settings

Water Consumption

‎1.32 Gallons per Hour

Annual Energy Consumption

‎125 Kilowatt Hours Per Year


‎58 dB

Installation Type

‎Counter Top

Part Number


Form Factor


Special Features

‎Free Installation, Intuitive Operation, Hi-temp Steam Wash, Quick Wash Cycle, Air Refresh Function, Fruit Washing Basket Included, 360° Range Cleaning, See-through Window, Ultra-compact Design, 1/3 Water Consumption Compared to Handwashing



Control Console


Option Cycles



‎120 Volts

Material Type

‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Included Components

‎Dishwasher、User Manual、Power Cord、Inlet Hose、Drain Hose、Fruit Rack、5L Water Container

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


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COMFEE’ Dishwasher Portable 5L ‎CDC17P0ABB Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Mudo

    Muy pequeña, usa muy poca agua y nada ruidosa

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  2. James Lauritsen

    I’ve had this dishwasher six weeks; I’ve done many wash cycles, have used four of it’s five wash programs. Overall, I’m pleased; it works well (and I love that I actually have a dishwasher).

    Plain and simple: It’s a present day dishwasher. It’s got the typical variety of wash cycles common to average modern dishwashers. It’s just like a big one, made as well, only smaller.

    Mine’s on top of my medium size refrigerator. I hook it up to sink to fill (each wash), it drains into sink; this arrangement works great- faster and easier than filling it manually from the top. (I don’t find screwing hose on/off faucet a chore; it’s easy and quick.)

    Good things to know:

    1) A small dishwasher uses a small amount of detergent: Detergent receptacle on door (inside) says “6 grams” (about 1/2 tbsp); this is the correct amount; it works well. I found using more than 6 grams seems to thicken the water causing the top sprayer to not spin; this doesn’t happen using the recommended 6 grams. (FYI: An average detergent pod is around 3x too much for this machine. If you have pods, break them open and divide into 1/3s.)

    2) The top spinner doesn’t spin right away. It might spin a few rotations, then stop 30 sec – 1 min, then it resumes spinning for remainder of cycle. So, if you loaded the right amount of detergent, and top sprayer stops at beginning of cycle, just wait a minute, it should start spinning.

    3) Yes, it’s a small machine. But, when I do the the following, it’s not too small for me:

    a) In the basket, rotate down / flatten down the separators. This will give you much more flexibility as to where you can place things; you’ll be able to fit more stuff in.

    b) For bigger plates and pots, not only can the basket separators be rotated down/flattened, the utensil tray can also be removed; it snaps out easily. (With utensil tray removed, utensils can be placed in bottom of basket; if done carefully, utensils won’t fall through basket.) The most and/or the largest pieces will fit with utensil tray out and separators rotated down. (I’m able to leave utensil tray in for almost all loads.)

    4) It is possible to over-load dishwasher. Obviously, if loaded too high, the upper sprayer can be blocked from spinning. Additionally, if washer is packed too densely, blocking water spray (particularly the bottom sprayer) this can cause the top sprayer to stop spinning. (Again, this might be another water pressure sensing issue.) So, don’t overload- keep some space between items so water can splash through.

    I add: I take a minute to towel dry the basket and interior after each wash, and I leave door open for a while allowing everything to dry. This inhibits microbial growth and odors, and it helps preserve machine parts general.

    I really like it. Now, I wanna see how long it’ll last. Again, it seems to made just as well as the average new dishwasher.

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  3. Ken B.

    Unfortunately it’s half inch too wide to fit through my closet door (room inside but the frame is too narrow) so I had to set it up high when not in use.

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  4. James Robinson

    Funciona de maravilla, pero la verdad es que lava muy pocos platos y tarda bastante en tenerlos listos. No me quejo porque ya sabía que era una lavavajillas pequeña. Sin embargo, a veces es más práctico y rápido que tú los laves. así que solo la recomiendo ampliamente, si no te gusta hacer esta tarea, porque entonces la podrás valorar por completo.

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  5. James Robinson

    The media could not be loaded.

     Me costó un poco de trabajo hacerlo funcionar pero busque el manual en google

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  6. Ken B.

    esta de lujo, lo recomiendo bastante, funciona bastante, aun no puedo decir el gasto de luz que tendrá en estos meses pero espero no sea demasiado :S

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  7. James Lauritsen

    Have a problem doing dishes (its me hi, I’m the problem its me) ? In the habit of putting that one dish in the sink and saying I’ll just do that one later when I do all my other dishes to save time, only the end of hiding in your living room, with a takeout container to save on making more dishes, and avoiding the now sentient pile of dishes that have taken over your kitchen? Samesies! Also, I live in an apartment that does not have a dishwasher.

    What is the human embodiment of the phrase “that’s a problem for future me” to do? Well, while browsing on Amazon, continuing to amass a frankly depressingly (and unrealistic) long wish list. I on a whim typed in ‘portable dishwasher’ after having watched a TikTok about portable washing machines. Lo and behold I found this amazing unit. I immediately scoured the reviews and did some comparisons.

    In the 230-250 dollars range it was a bit of a price pinch for somebody on a very, very (*very*) tight budget I was a bit nervous pulling the trigger but I’m really glad I did.

    The dishwasher comes very carefully packed, it has really nice clear instructions that do not leave me scratching my head or desperately diving into YouTube for help. And it comes with everything you need to be able to get started immediately. So there won’t be any panicked quick scramble to your local hardware store or Home Depot for an adapter or hose.

    It has a regular three prong plug, and it fits really nicely onto your counter. It’s a little heavy, so I recommend kind of picking the spot you want it to go and not trying to move it all over the place. It has a clear front window so you can watch the dishes being washed, which is actually pretty cool and kind of weirdly relaxing? My kiddos and my birds love watching the suds go all over like a car wash for your dishes. It has a nice light that comes on when you open the door and when you first start the load but it does shut off automatically after a few minutes so you don’t have to worry about the light being on all the time. It also shuts off automatically even if you leave the door open because you want to speed up the air drying.

    It has a little recess for you to put in your detergent in on the door. It is a little bit of a bummer that it doesn’t have a latch to cover it but honestly it’s really not that big of a deal because even when you close the door if you’re using liquid detergent it just goes right into the base were supposed to anyway.

    I think one of the things I love absolutely the best about this is that you do not have to hook it up to a water supply. It 100% can be connected to your faucet in your sink if you want it to, and it comes, of course, without a doctor as well so you don’t have to buy one. And the tube that you attached to it for draining water just goes right into your sink so you don’t even have to worry about logging anything to another spot to dump it or worrying about where the water goes after your load is done.

    The biggest selling point for me was that it has its own reservoir that you can fill so that it DOSENT have to stay connected to water supply, and you don’t have to fuss with reattaching and unattaching it to your faucet every time you wanna run it. And what’s cool is that they include a sort of funnel that fits right onto the top and they include a picture that you fill up with water from your sink and pour it in. It’s really really easy to use and it’s nice because they don’t make you guesstimate how much you need to put in. The unit will make a couple of rapid beeping noises at you (even when the washer is not turned on) when you reach the fill spot in the reservoir tank. You do need to refill the Reservoir after each load but you’re saving a lot of water and energy by doing it this way which is great. And you don’t have to worry about wasting water or not doing enough water for the load that you need to do because the reservoir covers an entire single load each time.

    The other thing I really appreciate about it is that it has a couple of different loading options so you can either put the little top rack on for smaller things and for your silverware, or you can take that part off and you have a big enough space to do a couple of plates and bowls or just a few bigger items a load.

    The washer also has a few different cycles to choose from. My personal favorite is the first cycle “C1” cand it is your full wash and sanitizing cycle. I use it as my go to. It is absolutely awesome. The first time I used it? My glassware came out looking like crystal! No residue left over, no streaking. It does a really great job. Everything comes out super clean and fresh. It also has a quick cycle and it even has a cycle for just vegetables and fruit. If you want to wash your produce, you just don’t put any soap in.

    It has a drying feature where it will air dry your dishes a bit. And it does work really well, though I have found that for things that have a little bit of a recess or like the tops or bottoms of glasses sometimes those will have a little bit of water left over but honestly if you just dump those out and let it air dry for a minute you’re totally fine.

    All in all, this is a fantastic unit, and it has saved me so much stress and time. Because you can literally do all of the main basic dishes and then you’re just left like maybe a couple of pots or big items.

    It also looks really cool, kind of futuristic, right? And you can get a lot of stuff done out of each load. So bottom line? If you live in an apartment that does not have a dishwasher or a house that doesn’t have a dishwasher. And you want to be able to do things a little bit quicker but you definitely don’t want to either buy a humongous dishwasher and have it installed or you’re going to be moving around a lot and you need to be able to have a dishwasher with you? This is a absolutely fantastic option. The price is absolutely amazing for what you get out of it, and I highly highly recommend it.

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