De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker

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De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Description

The Fine Italian Touch

The De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Built in Grinder is the perfect sophisticated coffee machine for the true coffee connoisseur. Crafted in Italy, this machine is designed to bring the highest Italian coffee-making traditions to your home. With a tempered glass container, a large capacity for grounds, removable filter, and ceramic grinder with adjustable settings, the TrueBrew is sure to bring out the true richness of any ground coffee bean. The adjustable timer allows you to easily set and monitor the brewing process, and ensures that your cup of coffee is always perfect. The built-in grinder allows for coffee beans to be freshly ground every time for maximum flavor.

Set Your Perfect Cup

Whether you prefer a light and airy espresso or a darker and intense roast, the De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Built in Grinder is poised to provide you with the ideal taste. The coffee machine’s built-in grinder allows for completely adjustable strength, giving users full control over the taste and quality of their favorite beverage. With simple controls and easy setup, the machine allows the user to customize the amount of water and coffee grounds to achieve their desired strength, and can even be adjusted to accommodate different mug sizes. The adjustable timer allows the user to easily set and monitor the brewing process, and ensures that your cup of coffee is always perfect.

Endless Possibilities

The De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Built in Grinder is more than just an ordinary coffee machine. This capable machine allows you to make all your favorite drinks with just the push of a button. From lattes to cappuccinos, the TrueBrew can provide the perfect beverage for any occasion. The convenient water reservoir ensures that you don’t need to keep refilling the machine as you brew, and the included carafe ensures that your coffee will stay warm until you’re done. The tempered glass container is equipped with a filtering system that collects all the grounds for easy removal, and the spacious capacity ensures that you can make multiple cups of coffee without having to worry about constantly cleaning the filter.


• Built-in grinder with adjustable settings
• Adjustable timer
• Customizable strength
• Automatic drip filter
• Tempered glass container
• Large capacity for grounds
• Removable filter
• Carafe included
• Easy to use controls
• Coffee bean filter
• Water reservoir

De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Specification




60 Fluid Ounces



Product Dimensions

15"D x 13.7"W x 15.8"H

Special Feature

Integrated Coffee Grinder, Programmable

Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine


Stainless Steel, Plastic


Automatic Drip Coffee

Specific Uses For Product

Coffee Maker

Item Weight

23.6 Pounds

Included Components

De'Longhi True Brew Coffee Maker, Water hardness test, measuring scoop

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic


1500 watts



Model Name

TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker

Number of Items


Human Interface Input




Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

March 1, 2023

De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Videos

De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Bradley A Grigor

    À son arrivée, j’ai fait le nettoyage comme suggéré. J’ai eu l’impression d’avoir reçu une machine déjà utilisé l’eau sortait brune et il y avait des petits morceaux de café. Après vérification avec Amazon, j’ai décidé de garder la machine à café et l’essayer pendant le mois avant de la retourner. Je suis tout de même de la qualité de café. Oui, elle est bruyante mais selon mon expérience, toutes les machines à café le sont. Il y a des choix de café pour tous les goûts. Elle est facile à nettoyer.

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  2. Boris Bosnjak

    Cela fait 2 jours que jlai recu la machine à café j’ai fait 2 café hier le 23 avril 2023 et ce matin un café quand jlai voulu faire un deuxieme café elle ne fonctionnait plus .une petite lumiere du panier qui montrait de nettoyer l’eau ou enlever les déchets du café .donc jlai tout fait ce que les instructions disait .sauf que ce n’était pas une galette de café c’était comme de la terre trempe .Bon maintenant jlai essayer de faire du café et ca ne fonctionnait pas et la petite enseigne est encore allumé.mais je ne peux rien faire de plus . Je suis découragé Quesce que je fais maintenant .

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  3. Sandfinder

    I own 4 other different coffee machines with this De’Longhi TrueBrew Coffee Maker being my newest 5th machine. Three machines use different pods. The fourth is a fancy espresso machine. I love exploring different brewing methods. I picked this De’longhi TrueBrew because it is a machine that is capable of handling coffee beans AND pre-ground coffee in addition to various brewing options.

    I am the only one who drinks coffee daily and did not want to brew an entire carafe with a traditional machine. For my other machines, I went with pods because it was simpler but they are not good for the environment. They were also more expensive. I also didn’t want to deal with filters and cleanups with traditional drip brews. With the De’Longhi TrueBrew, I can buy coffee beans or use ground coffee without having to worry about price and the environment.

    Right out of the box, I noticed that this is a big machine and I couldn’t wait to try its capabilities. There are not many parts to assemble, which was a great sign! The water reservoir easily snaps to the main machine. The grinder section is well sealed with a rubber-gasket cover that keeps the beans fresh and away from oxygen. The inner bean container is not removable so you will have to finish one type of bean before you can put in a different type.

    The main coffee drip section has a removable plate and a catch basin. The body of the machine can be pulled out to reveal two containers. One to catch the used ground coffee and another to catch the extra water. These can all be separated and cleaned. The infuser can also be pulled out for cleaning. It contains a stainless steel mesh instead of the traditional paper filter.

    What are the brewing options? The machine is very simple to operate. I have been exploring the different brewing options and found them to be significantly different. The strengths of the coffee increases as I tried light, gold, and bold settings, with bold being the darkest in color. I love the large spectrum of brewing sizes from 3oz to 24oz. Sometimes, I only want a quick kick in the morning and would either choose the 3oz or 8oz cup. If I’m heading to the office, I would pick the 20oz for my thermal.

    How doe the coffee taste? It’s very smooth with medium roast. If you use different beans and want to adjust the temperature, you can go into the setting and set the relative temperatures from a range of 1 to 3. The manual doesn’t specify the actual temperature so some experimentation is needed. I am very happy with the default setting and enjoy the ease of making coffee.

    Cleanup: Like with any other appliance, some cleanup is expected. After every few cups, I would clean the overflow and the catch containers inside the machine. I like to also clean the infuser because grounds tend to settle and dry on the mesh. It’s relative easy and doesn’t require any special effort.

    Sound: This machine makes some clicks and clacks when starting up, brewing, and after brewing. Don’t worry, that is part of the normal operation!

    This is the perfect single cup machine that I have found so far. It has a built-in grinder, brews a single cup, minimizes waste, and has various brewing options. The coffee tastes delicious and all can be made by pushing two buttons. Instant fresh coffee every time!

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  4. Supernitesh

    I bought this to replace my aging k-pod coffee maker and I’m completely satisfied.

    It’s terribly expensive but you do get significant value:
    – zero waste, other than coffee grinds
    – whatever size you pick, you get 100% coffee strength, not like K-pod machines where it just runs extra water through the same k-pod
    – the “bold” is very strong, and top heat setting is extremely hot (I use the middle heat setting)
    – very easy to use
    – very easy to use pre-ground coffee in the “bypass chute”
    – very easy to clean (inside and outside)
    – very tidy (i.e., doesn’t create a mess on the counter)
    – almost instantly ready-to-go when turned on

    On the downside, but very easy to put up with:
    – quite noisy (keep this in mind if someone’s sleeping within hearing distance from the kitchen)
    – goes through water fast (not just for the coffee, but to flush/clean the insides after each cup)
    – small water reservoir (about 5-7 8oz cups of coffee per refill) (the upside is the water tends to be fresh 🙂 )
    – inner containers for flushed water and used coffee grinds require emptying about every 5 cups when the indicator light flashes, but emptying them is easy and generally mess-free
    – not feasible to exchange coffee beans (i.e., you can’t empty them out easily), but the trade-off is you can use any set of pre-ground coffee via the bypass chute.

    One tip for the pre-ground coffee use. When you press the Brew button, you seem to have only about 30 seconds to add the coffee and press Brew again to start brewing (at least in my experience). What I do now is measure out the coffee first in a small pill cup, then press Brew and then pour the coffee into the bypass chute. This also causes less mess around the bypass chute.

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  5. Gabrielle

    The only disappointment is in the cleaning… but still a good product.

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  6. Supernitesh

    Our De’Longhi TrueBrew coffee maker replaces an old Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker and separate Capresso grinder. It was not that these were bad machines–they worked OK. However, my wife thought the coffee tasted dull. We were making a full pot each morning and I was constantly re-heating mine in the microwave throughout the day. Plus there was a basket to clean for each pot made and the brew wasn’t consistent because of the manual selector on the grinder.

    We wanted a machine that automated the grind and brew for single cup serving so each cup was fresh, hot and consistent. We also needed a machine that was short enough to fit under the cabinet on the kitchen counter. This ruled out the Breville immediately.

    We opted for the De’Longhi TrueBrew without the carafe. It fits the counter perfectly. My wife loves the taste of the coffee. We are getting much more flavour and character from the exact same beans as before. She also loves the “over ice” setting. I like the single cup brewing, ensuring each one is consistently dosed and hot. No more microwaving stale coffee. I also like that there are no filters to dump. Plus, at the 3 oz. setting, the De’Longhi TrueBrew makes a very good facsimile of espresso, including crema. I’m impressed! It says it is a “drip” coffee maker, however, it uses a “diffuser” component that seems to operate at a higher pressure than regular drip.

    We are very impressed and happy with the De’Longhi TrueBrew.

    CONS: The spent coffee grounds and overflow water are captured inside the machine and these do need to be dumped from time to time. However, this is needed more frequently than I had expected, almost daily it seems. Maybe it’s because we’re just drinking too much excellent coffee! 🙂 Luckily, the machine opens up very easily and the clean-up procedure is fairly quick and unmessy.

    The De’Longhi TrueBrew also makes an assortment of grunts and burps when brewing and when shutting down. These might seem too noisy to some folks. We think it’s charming.

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  7. Sandfinder

    DeLonghi TrueBrew is easily a game-changer for someone who likes a simple cup of black coffee. This machine doesn’t do espressos of any kind, nor does it claim to. But what it does the best is a perfect cup of coffee directly from the beans – fully automatic. You don’t need to be a coffee snob and learn each parameter needed to make optimum coffee – this machine does it for you. It calibrates every part of the coffee making to your liking, including the water salinity. • Design: Its around 16.5 inches high and ~13.5 inches deep and ~7 inches in width. So yes, this is a slightly big machine, but that’s because it comes packed with many advanced features. It’s quick sleek looking and can be kept on the countertop. Simple to set up. The video I have included shows the first use, where it rinses itself and you are ready to go. • Grinder – It comes equipped with a burr grinder, which adjusts the grind size based on your selection. You can also use pre-ground coffee if you like. It comes with a bypass section which allows you to do that. • Brewing styles: What it does the best is a cup of black coffee which can be had with your choice of dairy, but it also has an ‘espresso-style’ feature which is similar in strength to espresso. It doesn’t make that beautiful crema on the top, but it also isn’t designed to do that. You can brew starting from 8oz to around 40oz in one go. It is also perfectly suitable for making iced coffees. It has a separate mode called ‘Over Ice’ – just put a glass of ice on the bottom and push brew and voila, a perfectly made iced coffee. I have used other brands and DeLonghi probably does the best ‘Over Ice’ coffee. • Cleaning: Cleaning is super easy since it comes with quite a large waste basket (hidden) and all the brewed waste is extracted in the form of pucks inside this. Similar to what you might see with expresso waste. The rinse feature is fantastic as this doesn’t need you to collect the waste rinse in a cup. Instead, it collects inside in a rinse box, which you can take out and clean separately. What I like the best is unlike most other espresso machines on the market, it doesn’t generate plastic waste. You get your coffee straight from the bean, without needing it to bypass harmful plastic capsules. • Auto-on Feature: You can set timers and select the type of beverage you want, and it would dispense your perfect cup of coffee at that selected time.

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