Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360

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Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360

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Current Price $272.38 June 18, 2024
Highest Price $282.05 December 22, 2023
Lowest Price $261.86 December 21, 2023
Since December 21, 2023

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$272.38 January 2, 2024
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Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Description

The Healthy Choice

The Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer is an essential kitchen appliance for making healthy meals. This air fryer is designed to help users create a wide variety of nutritious dishes without compromising on flavor. You can enjoy all your fried favorites such as French fries, fried chicken, and mozzarella sticks with up to 98% less fat than traditional frying methods. The 360-degree hot air circulation technology ensures uniform heat distribution for crispier yet healthier meals. Not only is this air fryer healthier than deep-frying, it is also much easier to clean up after – the removable non-stick and dishwasher-safe parts make it even more convenient.

Ultimate Control and Versatility

Whether you’re a novice or a pro in the kitchen, you can easily master your cooking with the Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer. The 10 preset functions and adjustable temperature control make it effortless for you to cook your favourite dishes with precision. It also includes a special stand for making rotisserie chicken. Plus, the advanced French door design allows you to easily check the progress of your meal with just the open of a door.

Safety Features

Safety is a priority for Emeril Lagasse which is why their Everyday Air Fryer is equipped with a variety of features to protect you and your family. It includes built-in automatic safety shutoff to prevent overheating or fire hazards. Additionally, the fryer also features an integrated child safety lock, so little ones can’t open it while the appliance is in use.


– 10 preset functions
– 360-degree hot air circulation technology
– French door design
– 40-400 degree temperature control
– Up to 98% less fat than traditional frying methods
– Removable non-stick and dishwasher-safe components
– Special stand for making rotisserie chicken
– Auto-shutoff safety system
– Child safety lock
– 2-year limited parts warranty

Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Specification

Special Feature

Temperature Control

Product Dimensions

15"D x 20"W x 20"H


Dual Zone


25 Quarts


Stainless Steel


Emeril Everyday

Control Method


Inner Material

Stainless Steel

Outer Material

Stainless Steel

Item Weight

32.2 pounds

Date First Available

February 28, 2023

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  1. Willard Berry


    I had this unit for just under a week and while I enjoyed its versatility, I thought I would share the issues I had with it.

    FIRST: Do not take the numerous user statements in the SEE ALL 877 ANSWERED QUESTIONS section that state the unit comes with the Grill Plate for factual; in FACT it does NOT come with it…it can be ordered on emerileverday.com for $24.99 plus tax. The unit comes with 2 half-width crisper trays, 2 half-width baking pans, an XL (full width) baking pan, an XL (full width) oven rack, a rotisserie set, a rotisserie fetch tool, a drip tray, the divider to switch from one large cooking area to 2 half-width individual cooking areas, and an extremely disappointing instruction booklet. The two items NOT included, but that are pictured in the instruction booklet, are the Grill Plate and the XL (full width) Crisper Tray; both need to be ordered from the manufacturer’s website because they are not available on Amazon. The XL Crisper Tray is $19.99, the Grill Plate is $24.99…both are taxable but ship free from the site.

    SECOND: While the instruction booklet shows you how to use the controls on the unit, it is extremely vague on how to actually ‘cook’ with the air fryer. For example…it lists that French Fries should take 18 minutes to air fry at 400 degrees. While this is ‘factual’ the book does not tell you that the cook time does NOT include preheating the unit first to start the air fry cooking at 400 not room temperature. Most frozen foods tell you not to thaw them out before baking/cooking. If you set the unit to 400 degrees and the time for 18 minutes and put the fries on the crisper tray before hitting START, the initial warm up time from room temperature to 400 degrees (about 4-5 minutes) thaws the fries before the oven gets to 400 and at the end of the 18 minutes you are left with soggy fries.
    NOTE: I tried looking on the Emeril website for clearer instructions for ‘cooking’, watching a number of videos that don’t answer the cooking questions I had, and even called support 3 times for assistance. The phone support team do not know the products they are supporting and can only read the basic unit functions that are printed in the instruction booklet.
    Both the website and phone support are HORRIBLE IMHO. Try searching for the optional accessories for the unit from your phone and you will get an immediate migraine!!

    THIRD: There is no direct way to preheat the oven for AIr Fry mode. I found a work-around by simply initiating a preheat for a ‘baking’ cycle, and when it is preheated, put the food in the oven, close the doors and cancel the baking cycle; then program and start the Air Fry cycle as you would for the food you wish to cook. Emeril…this should be changed (preheat SHOULD be an option for air fry mode!)

    This unit’s fans would turn on by themselves sporadically while the unit was powered OFF; LCD panel and control knobs completed dark – no lights whatsoever!!! A quick search for the issue on the web returned numerous issues with Emeril’s fryers control panel malfunctioning leading to overheating and catching fire. For people who had experienced these issues early in their being reported…the support team’s answers to the issues were that the user should always unplug the unit when not in use! I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t unplug my toaster or microwave when I’m not using it…and isn’t that what an OFF MODE is for??! The reported issues were made initially more than 2 years ago, so I am hoping the issue has been resolved by now through a revised or new control panel. While my specific issue of the fans turning themselves on was not noted, it coincides with the issue of the faulty control panel.

    The door handles were not aligned properly; the left door was 3/16 of an inch lower than the right door. This does not impede functionality at all. For over $300, I expect the unit’s construction to be well made and assembled with true to plumb standards.

    Why Amazon doesn’t list the contents of the box in the listing is beyond my comprehension; that should be standard of ANYTHING sold on Amazon or online at all! When I realized the grill plate was not in the box, I called Amazon telling the rep that the information in the See All 877 Questions section was wrong. To date the answers to those questions have not been corrected. Later, at the 6th day of owning it, I again called AMAZON to, mostly, address the issue of the fans as they were IMHO a safety concern. I presumed that being less than a week old, the Amazon response would be to return the unit for a replacement or refund – nope! The customer rep at Amazon, transferred me to Emeril’s support team…which took over 20 minutes to accomplish due to high call volumes at Emeril Support. She told me that she would call me back in 4 days to make sure the issue was resolved. After she transferred me, I had to go into the issue all over again with the Emeril Rep, who finally instructed me to call Amazon back to initiate a return/replacement order because it was less than 30 days old. The Amazon rep wasted a good hour of my time by sending me to the manufacturer’s support team for something that should have been immediately deemed ‘defective’ or a ‘LEMON’.

    In the end, I used the Amazon APP to return the unit. Within 3 hours of dropping the unit off at UPS, Amazon issued my full refund and I ordered another identical unit. I hope the issues of the first do not follow to the second; being able to cook 2 different items any way at the same time is priceless and a MUST HAVE for any kitchen, again IMHO! 😉

    UPDATE TO REVIEW 06.17.2023

    I received the second Air Fryer yesterday. The doors are properly aligned; one minor cosmetic issue resolved. Again, no grill plate, but that issue isn’t going away for the units sold on Amazon. A bit of research shows the part number of the Amazon unit is: DZEL24-01. The unit sold on the manufacturer’s website is DZEL24-02; it comes with the grill plate AND the XL Crisper tray. But, to be honest…the Amazon price is a bit lower, but not enough to purchase those two missing accessories. ☹️

    As for the safety issue, I have had it plugged in for about 16 hours now and haven’t had any issue with the fan…YET! (Knocks on wood) 🙏🤞😇
    If I have any issues with the replacement unit, I will post another update!

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  2. M. Gladue

    It was time to downsize so I started to rethink what I truly needed in my home. My neighbor had one of these and swore by them. I am glad I purchased it and I do use it a lot. It’s much more convenient than heating up the oven plus it is on your countertop so there is no bending. It heats well and has many presets if you are uncertain how to translate regular oven temps to air fry temps. With the exception of a microwave meal, which I have not attempted to translate yet, I use this the most for cooking.

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  3. GR

    I’m a chef.

    I’ve had the French Door 360 for almost a year now. I’ve given it a very good test.
    I’ve had other air-fryer’s before (first generation types), but I wanted to test out some of the
    newer generation, ‘multi-function’ air-fryer’s, like this one.

    My major complaint is that it has a ‘Toast’ preset, but it doesn’t make toast. I was hoping to
    be able to get rid of my toaster. I’ve also tried other presets to see if I could get them to make
    acceptable toast; but, it just won’t make toast – period. So, I had to keep my toaster at home, on the counter… I think Mr. Lagasse is guilty of false advertising on the toast issue (TV Ads). You can make ‘Croutons’ with the ‘Toast’ preset, but they’re not as good as other preset options for that.

    However, I did decide to keep this unit for the other types of things it does do very well. By the way,
    I tried 4 very similar units (other brands) and sent them all back. Two of them actually died on me after a very short while. This unit is still running and I use it many times each week. I unplug it after each use.

    Pros & Cons:

    – The Air-fry preset is really great. It cooks fast and very well. The best of my testing. Chicken, especially,
    was excellent. Any kind of potato’s.
    – I like the fact that that the power does NOT turn off when the doors are opened. Other units
    you have to redo everything after you open the door/s.
    – Dehydrate works well, although it’s only useful for small batches. The fan can’t be adjusted, in this
    mode, so if you’re drying Parsley, or anything very lightweight, it will tend to blow all over the place…
    Heat adjustment, in this mode, is pretty decent.
    – Proof works well for all my dough’s. Max. Time is 2-hours/Max. heat is 95F. I wouldn’t mind having a
    little more head-room/adjustment/override capability on this preset/mode.
    – The grill actually works. It does make nice grill-marks. Some units I tested did not grill at all. The lower
    heating elements need to get red-hot, in order to grill properly. This unit did well.
    – The rotisserie works well, although the unit is a little bit too small for a large, whole chicken.
    It’s very tight. You have to tie up the bird very carefully. I don’t use Mr. Lagasse’s method, which is in
    the user-manual, because it’s not adequate. I’d like to have a couple more inches of elbow-room, in all
    directions. Even better, if it would rotate a small-medium Turkey… Like the old ‘ShowTime’ rotisserie’s.
    – The ‘Bake’ preset and all the other presets seem to work well. Except for Toast. But, they do have
    unnecessary limits on Time, Temperature, Fan control, and burner control.
    – Preheats very quickly.
    – Not hard to clean. Just wipe it out with a towel while it’s still a little bit warm.

    – The 30-second timer on the light button really bugs me. The light should stay on until I turn it off.
    – I don’t like the logo-light staying on, if I want to leave the unit plugged in. Waste of electricity.
    The whole unit should power-off and not consume any electricity when turned off.
    – Some of the presets are too restrictive for control over Time, Heat-level, Fan & Burners…
    It would be nice to have full override control on most of the presets…
    – Not big enough to do a Turkey on the rotisserie/spit. And just barley big enough for a large Chicken (on
    the spit). The pans and rack capacities are small. Good for one or two people only.
    – The spit bar assembly is not the best I’ve ever used. If this was my company/unit, I would redesign it.
    And part of the problem is also the fact that there is very little elbow-room to work with, so you have to
    get the spit set in the meat, just right… It can be tricky…

    – I put Aluminum-foil on the bottom drip-tray, and keep it like that all the time.
    – Try not to get any fat or food on the burners. Bottom burners are mostly the ones you need to be
    concerned with.

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  4. DM FL

    We bought this for my elderly Mother who wanted something easy to use and clean as she’s never used an air fryer before. She breezed through the instruction manual and was able to start air frying almost immediately thereafter. The unit has several convenient trays, a rotisserie, and an included manual and sample cooking instructional book.

    The only flaw with this is not with the physical unit itself, but rather the included recipe/cooking book. Attention to detail in writing the recipes and reviewing what was written by actually doing was not done. For example, the rustic bread recipe stated to place the dough on the rack for baking (similar to oven rack), yet common sense would tell me the dough would fall through during the baking process. So I checked for videos of this unit and the same rustic bread recipe and sure enough, the video showed the user following the recipe EXACTLY and the bread flowed through the rack. Clearly the recipes were not tried as per written. Moral of this story: if it doesn’t make sense as written, adjust as necessary based on your knowledge or research as needed. Aside from this minor issue, the oven is perfect in operation, cleaning, and functionality.

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