Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker

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Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker

Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $89.98.

Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker Price comparison

Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker Price History

Price History for Frigidaire EFIC123-SS Counter Top Maker, Produces 26 pounds Ice per Day, Stainless Steel, Stainless


Current Price $89.98 June 22, 2024
Highest Price $89.98 May 2, 2024
Lowest Price $89.98 May 2, 2024
Since May 2, 2024

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$89.98 May 2, 2024

Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker Description

Efficient Ice Maker For All Occasions

Are you hosting a party or looking for an efficient ice-maker? Look no further than the Frigidaire EFIC123-SS counter top ice machine. With a super-fast production rate of 26 lbs of ice per day and a distinct stainless steel look, this machine is perfect for all situations. With its bold sleek design, you can easily display it in your kitchen or outdoor area, while providing more than enough ice for all your needs.

On top of its eye-catching design and quick ice making capability, this ice maker has a compact and efficient design engineered to fit in anywhere. Making it perfect for any kitchen, bar, or other area confined by space. The technology used allows it to provide ice cubes made up of an anti-bacteria that makes the ice chewier and also free of all impurities.

Save Time & Space with Easy Setup and Maintenance

The Frigidaire EFIC123-SS doesn’t just save you time but also space. It has a reserved storage bin that can contain up to 2 lbs of ice at a time, meaning you don’t have to bother with storing your ice for too long. In addition, the machine needs no permanent installation and can be easily moved from one place to another. All you need to do is connect it to a power outlet and you’re good to go.

In addition, this counter top machine is also incredibly easy to maintain and care for. You can easily clean the inside with the removable ice bin and scrub out the dirt for a spotless cleanup. Whereas setting it up takes minimal effort and it runs on very little power making it an energy efficient choice for your kitchen.

Highly Rated & Extra Features

As if all these features weren’t enough, the Frigidaire EFIC123-SS also comes with a 3-year limited warranty to ensure a longer period of usage. And it has been rated highly for its durability and robust build quality, giving you an even greater peace of mind.

Furthermore, its sleek design is outfitted with a ready-to-serve LED light that alerts you when the tank needs to be filled or emptied. So you never have to worry about running the machine at the wrong time. On top of this, the ice-making machine also has a self-adjusting timer, making it even easier to control.

Frigidaire EFIC123-SS Features:

• 26 lbs of Ice production per day

• 2 lbs Ice storage capacity

• Durable stainless steel exterior design

• Easy to setup and remove

• Self-cleaning technology

• 3 year limited warranty

• Self-adjusting timer

• Ready to serve LED light

• Anti-bacterial ice cubes

• Melts and re-circulates the water

Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker Specification

Specification: Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker



Model Name


Product Dimensions

‎12.3"D x 8.7"W x 12.5"H


‎26 Pounds


‎1000 watts


‎115 Volts



Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎18.71 pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number


Installation Type


Part Number





‎Auto Defrost

Door Material Type

‎Stainless Steel

Ice storage

‎26 Pounds

Material Type

‎Plastic, Metal

Included Components

‎Ice Maker, Basket, Scoop

Batteries Required


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Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Frigidaire Efic123 ss Counter Top Maker

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Joey Donley

    We are really enjoying our ice maker. It makes. The perfect size ice cubes for our iced coffee and mixed drinks, we use the small cube setting. There is nothing fancy about the shape or style so if that is what you are looking for this is not the product for you. It. Doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get your first round of ice. The basket is fairly small, you can’t get the entire 26lbs it can make in a day by setting filling the water and letting it run, you have to refill it and place the ice in a freezer several times. The cubes are also very wet when they come out so they melt into each other unlike if you were to use an ice tray. It fits perfectly on our counter in our bar area.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I recently downsized and moved into a house with a relatively small refrigerator/freezer without an automatic ice machine. There’s also not a cold water line behind the refrigerator. I’ll admit that plumbing is not my forte so even if I had a water line nearby, I still would need assistance installing an automatic ice machine in my freezer. I was also concerned about how much space an ice maker would take up in my freezer. I asked my brother-in-law for advice and he informed me that they make affordable counter-top automatic ice makers that need to be manually filled as needed. Fortunately, I have a good amount of counter space so I invested in a Frigidaire counter top ice maker. It works great and I don’t mind using a pitcher to periodically fill the tank on the ice maker. It’s also portable so I can relocate it to a different location as long as there’s a receptacle nearby. So now I have the convenience of an automatic ice maker which was the one luxury that didn’t come with the house. I’m also pretty certain that there’s not enough space for a refrigerator with a door mounted ice maker/dispenser. I’m writing a review of this product for people like me that didn’t know counter top ice makers were available and do an adequate job as long as the user doesn’t mind manually filling it.

    Follow-up review. This unit was easy enough to install and follow the instructions. I noticed the morning after having a container of nice sized ice cubes that all the cubes melted. I’m a rather impatient person and I didn’t bother to see if there were troubleshooting instructions for this model. As far as I was concerned, the unit should have remained cold enough to keep the cubes usable as needed. I like the idea of having a counter top ice maker that plugs in and only needs to be manually fed with cold water as needed. I also bought this unit since I have had good success with Frigidaire equipment in the past. I expected this unit to be plug and play. My previous house refrigerator/freezer had a cold water line at the back and of course a receptacle. All I needed to do was make the two connections and shortly thereafter I had an automatic door ice maker/cold water dispenser. I don’t even use a lot of ice so I’m not sure what compelled me to buy a counter-top automatic ice maker. Regardless, I can’t recommend this model as the ice cubes melted pretty much as soon as I had a full container of ice cubes. BTW, there isn’t a door automatic ice maker on the refrigerator in my new house nor is there a cold water line behind the refrigerator made for connecting to some sort of automatic ice maker. Plumbing is not my forte but I wasn’t against the idea of a portable counter top unit. Perhaps you will purchase this unit and have better success. My only recommendation is to read the instructions which I never bothered to do.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Love how fast it will produce ice.

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  4. Mark Maurer

    Works great was a 2nd Life Product great value for the money but

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  5. Joey Donley

    Purchased this because my husband is in the construction business and needs plenty of ice in our hot weather!! This makes so much ice and definitely is worth the purchase! Thinking about buying another one for our camper!!

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  6. Laura Valle

    Great ice machine. While the cubes melt easy, due to their shape, it makes new ones very fast!

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  7. Larry Goscinski

    El producto no funciona correctamente y no se puede devolver o reembolso, solo realiza una tanda de hielos y deja de funcionar por horas.

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  8. Nate Rodriguez

    I am a bachelor and live in a small apartment with a small refrigerator. This icemaker is convenient, small, and makes ice quickly.

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  9. Athena

    Je l ai acheté pour des rencontres organisées au bureau. Les glaces se font rapidement.

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  10. Dudeguy

    Worked pretty good for a while. Now the warranty expired it stopped making ice. Did the reset and unplugged it still won’t work.

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  11. Jason Johnson

    Makes ice faster than refrigerater ice maker.

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  12. John Wise

    Bought this in Spring 2022. It’s been on since then, dutifully delivering ice upon ice upon ice. A few days ago, I discovered a pool of water on the countertop. Every time the machine started filling, water leaked… I googled what might be the color it but didn’t find much. I stumbled upon the solution when I opened up the back and loosened two screws to the engine (it was here the water seemed to be coming from). I gently pulled the engine out and noticed rust around where it was attached. I cleaned up as much as I could and like magic, the leak was fixed. Not sure if anyone else has had a his problem but figured this post might help!

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  13. D. Kanter

    Generally speaking, the machine is very easy to use – fill the reservoir, place the basket, machine makes ice, dumps it in the basket, scoop away.

    I bought it for the school I work in (use the ice for first aid). Bought in October 2021, and the machine died yesterday. It was cleaned, drained and unplugged for the summer, so there was a brief period of dis-use.

    Reservoir is easy to drain and clean, however the upper reservoir (which holds the water while the ice is being made) is extremely difficult to clean. This means there was a constant build-up of grime that I could never completely clean out, as it retracts to the back of the upper section, behind the metal prongs the ice forms on.

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