Ninja® 12 in 1 Smart Double Oven

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Ninja® 12 in 1 Smart Double Oven Description

Versatile and Convenient Tinkerer’s Dream Double Oven

The Ninja DCT451 12-in-1 Smart Double Oven with FlexDoor Thermometer has everything you need for creating dinner for the entire family, or impress a special someone with gourmet dishes. The oven’s 12-in-1 capabilities let you bake, roast, air fry, dehydrate, broil, vacuum freeze, air-sear, steam, slow cook, thaw, evidence and ferments with just the touch of a button. Enjoy delicious meals in a matter of minutes without slaving away all day in the kitchen.

FlexDoor: Perfectly Preserves Heat and Flavor

The Ninja DCT451’s FlexDoor’s innovative latch-and-swing design retains more flavor and heat than traditional ovens, and keeps the door securely in place. This ensures your food is cooked evenly, so tasty meals with rich, authentic flavor can be served with confidence. The FlexDoor also helps trap heat for more thorough and energy-efficient cooking.

One-Touch Technology Makes Heating Simple

Using the included double layer racks, the Ninja DCT451 allows you to roast, bake, air fry and more, all at the touch of a button. Unlike traditional ovens that require you to input temperature settings and preheat, the Ninja DCT451’s simple one-touch setting makes it easy to cook a variety of food with ease. You can even use the Smart Cook System to automatically adjust temperature, time and other settings according to the type of food you’re cooking.

Keep Your Kitchen Cool and Clean

The convection fan and our turbo baking technology produces delicious meals without making your kitchen uncomfortably warm. You’ll love the cool to the touch handle, and the removable non-stick-coated plates make it easy to keep your oven clean. The Ninja DCT451 is the perfect size for a family, but still “thinking small” when it comes to size and energy consumption.

– 12-in-1 cooking capabilities
– FlexDoor retains heat and flavor
– One-touch setting for easy heating
– Convection fan and turbo baking technology
– Remain cool to the touch
– Removable non-stick coated plates
– 6.0 qt ceramic cooking pot
– Includes adjustable double layer racks
– Smart Cook System automatically adjusts temperature settings
– Temperature range up to 400°F (204°C)
– Non-slip feet for stability
– Includes 4-quart dehydrating basket
– Equipped with an interior light

Ninja® 12 in 1 Smart Double Oven Specification




Stainless Steel and Black

Product Dimensions

21.5"D x 16.39"W x 13.26"H


12 Liters

Special Feature

Wipe Clean Exterior, Programmable


1800 watts


Stainless Steel

Included Components

Countertop Oven, 2 Wire Racks, 2 Sheet Pans, Removeable Crumb Tray, Air Fry Basket

Item Weight

31 Pounds

Model Name

Ninja DCT451

Finish Type

Stainless Steel

Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

February 9, 2023

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Ninja® 12 in 1 Smart Double Oven Reviews (11)

11 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Alexa Patterson

    I am at a stage where I need to make things more simple … like cooking. I don’t have the energy to clean kitchen stuff all the time so I purchased this Ninja oven / air fryer. I’m glad I waited for this model with 2 compartments for cooking. It is one of the BEST kitchen purchases that I’ve made. I’ve air fried squash and potatoes (both from my garden), warmed tortillas, toasted sandwiches, made quesadillas, “boiled” eggs (really baked in shell), cooked pizza and I know it does much more … all with really easy clean up!! I highly recommend.

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  2. J. E. Tobey

    I did a LOT of reading of reviews, articles and descriptions before deciding on this model. I have never been so excited about a new appliance, except for perhaps my first washing machine, but I digress. I measured my available space options to ensure enough clearance for heat, which I highly recommend. While my upper cupboards have a decorative bar along the edge a scant inch above the oven, the dissipating heat is not significant and they only get warm, not hot.

    I did discover that the small heat vent at the top of the back part does put out a lot of heat and moisture, so condensation can occur on my tiles behind this, even with over 15 cm/ 6” of clearance. So I put my oven on a piece of parchment paper and it now slides easily whenever I use it – I just turn it left so the back points out to the side away from the tiles. If I had an open space to put it, this wouldn’t be a concern. (See photos of back and side of oven space on my counter)

    My first meal was a 5 lb whole chicken – oh my it was so moist and flavourful! Perfect with the thermometer and a rack of potato wedges baking above in the basket. I do have my own meat thermometer, but it is super convenient to have the smart technology preprogram exactly how you like roasts, chicken, etc done. That was worth the extra money to have!

    I’ve since made many meals, roasts, even a 11.5 lb turkey! Baking squash chunks, roasting carrots and other veggies, or air frying them is quick and easy. Fish fillets are not dried out or overcooked once you learn the timings…since we don’t eat fried foods per se, but do enjoy roasted and air fried foods done this way, I bought a second air fryer basket. I couldn’t find a Ninja one, so ordered a Corsori one and it fits perfectly on the rack. You’d not use two racks at the same time as two baskets so that works well for me. (See photo with two baskets in place).

    Cleaning is a snap – even the baked-on grease or fat comes off readily if you put the pans/racks in warm soapy water right away to soak a bit – nothing a little effort can’t remove. Giving the interior a good wipe after each use prevents a buildup of grease/fat that may be very small droplets, but do accumulate over time. I use a sponge with a plastic scrubbie, nothing that could scratch the metal.

    My only wish is that there was a better (and free) guide for times to cook various common foods. From what I’ve read, most people reviewed the Ninja cookbook and said it wasn’t really worth the money. I use the internet for ideas, although one does get good at estimating time and temperatures.

    So, would I recommend this – absolutely! It is nice to look at, intuitive to use after a few times, easy to clean, effective and efficient with heat, and I’m sure will save me money in the long run from not using my huge oven all the time! Now I need to update my microwave, as even this Ninja doesn’t completely replace reheating up a cup of coffee haha!

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  3. TracieT

    When my other brand counter over (which I hated) finally bit the dust I went to social networking to get some recommendations. Ninja was the top winner and so I bought this unit!

    It’s wonderful! Because lol of the controls are in the handle, the space being taken up is all for cooking. So far I have cooked two 10” pizzas, dehydrated parsley, cooked two loaves of bread and did some air frying and reheating. It’s simple to operate and I love how much cooking room there is.

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  4. Tracy

    I don’t usually leave reviews but in this case I am. I bought the oven to help with our power bill a bit. We don’t have to fire up our big oven now for most things as it’s just the two of us.

    1. The toast function is great. We are getting rid of our 4 slice toaster.
    2. I have baked 2 pies now. It works 100% for that.
    3. Did a potato casserole last night on bake function. The whole roast function is a bit noisy as it seems to run the fan or something but similar to a microwave. We rarely roast with an open pan anyway. If we do, we use the BBQ on the deck. Bake function works to cook anything in a closed pan. I did a small beef roast the other night in a small roaster-perfect.
    4. It comes with lots of grates and drip pans. I haven’t used the thermometer yet but did place a thermometer inside to check the temperature and it’s perfect. You get 350 if you set it there, etc.

    Overall we are very happy with this oven. We don’t air fry or whatever that is. I guess we’re too old for that shit.

    Thanks- very happy.

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  5. Dani

    Es un producto que tiene un excelente diseño; los problemas son en la limpieza, lo cual no es nada sencillo de hacer; asimismo, en mi caso jala mucha corriente, por lo que tengo que apagar otros aparatos que tengo en uso, lo cual no me había pasado con otras marcas o productos Ninja. En este caso opte para poner un contacto y pastilla dedicados al horno; aún así en el encendido (principalmente) y cuando requiere de recuperar temperatura, se puede escuchar el jalón de corriente (lo noto porque el refrigerador, el cual lo tengo conectado a un regulador) hace ruido cada vez que prendo el horno.

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  6. B. Reed

    I love traditional cooking in a well equipped kitchen, but, even during Iowa winters, rain, sleet,snow, I will grill outside. I am a meat eater. I have been for all of my 74+ years. I grill for flavor, but also for retained fat reduction. Presently, my outdoor grill is the quite satisfying “ASMOKE 300”–“Portable.” Frankly it has amazed me. It is my first “pellet” fired grill and has worked flawlessly. I offer that information, since one might rationally ask, : Then why a Ninja Foodi Combination Air Fryer/Convection Oven?” Well, I was not kind to the safety of my body and have walked away from some racing crashes that I likely should not have survived. And, genetics are not helping. Thus, I have extraordinary fatigue; so fatigued, in fact, that at 6′ tall and 185 pounds, over around 5 months, I lost weight down to 147 pounds–what I weighed as a High School freshman, before my body matured over the following Summer. I was too tired to cook and/or eat. I only eat one time a day–an evening meal, but, no daytime snacking. I drink nearly a gallon of water a day. I did gain back a healthy amount of weight, but muscle mass is absent.

    NOW, on topic: I paid for the probe thermometer, but it did not arrive; it is allegedly on its way. Getting to CS was quick and the rep was responsive–no argument. I have a remote probe system that will suffice as I wait. (The ASMOKE has an included probe and it is very accurate.) I expect the same from Ninja.

    The three booklets that are included are excellent with clear and well organized instructions; 2 of the documents are repetitive, but that is a good thing. The third has very interesting recipes and I plan to try some. And, again, the recipes include use instructions. The control buttons are crisp and logical. The pre-progamming does not seem to be an interference. However, some procedures turn out to require “lying” to the” Foodi.” Bread and butter were never on the dinner table as an essential. I only eat “Brownberry Whole Wheat,: “and not, daily. It does well in the refrigerator. Thus, if I want toast with eggs, then I have to fool “Foodi.” For 2 slices, I have to tell it 3 slices and choose result at 4. It is a minor inconvenience, and in truth, is a good way to learn its powers and its limitations. I do get nice toast.

    I have only had the unit for part of a month, so I have not “Wrung it Out.” It should be obvious that I want my meat seared–beef, pork(lots of pork, of course) and chicken, or lamb. If I do not grill, I sear in well seasoned carbon steel, usually with a small amount of avocado oil, or peanut oil. Last night, I used “Foodi” to broil a 1 1/8th” thick, 2″ wide and 6+” inch long pork loin. It had been seasoned and in avocado oil in the “cooler,” I have cooked many of these. Thus, going “manual,” I set the unit on high and set time at 30 minutes. Per instructions, I used roasting pan on sheet pan on wire rack at level 3 (height) and fired it up. I had sprayed high temp cooking oil on the roasting pan, I also sprayed the sheet pan and put trimmed parchment paper between the two pans and placed them on the wire rack. I turned on the power and pushed start. At the “end-beep,” I had a very juicy, fully cooked entree`. However, here is my COMPLAINT: There was no searing of any kind on either surface (I turned it once 1/2 way through. Were this not a premium cut of fine Iowa pork, to get any crust, even a light sear, I would have had to seriously over-cook it for any color. 1800 watts is probably marginal to actually sear. Next time, I will lie to “Foodi” again and try putting the rack and pans at level 4, but I doubt I will enjoy the clean-up. The more sensible option is to rub a bit of “Kitchen Bouquet” on the top when I flip the loin.

    NOW, on clean-up. Even with spray and no burned oil, cleaning the two black pans (roast and sheet) with only a quality detergent, reasonably hot water (I hand wash) and a sponge is unrealistic. The truth is, to get those 2 pans very clean, it took 2 washings and moderately vigorous use of the “green, non-woven abrasive) surface” of a fresh , usual green and yellow sponge. Having taken care to give those pans every chance of being “sponge-cleaned,” I had to really work at those stubborn, ceramic-coated pans to get them clean to my standards. It angers me. But, I prefer the effort to potentially dangerous “non-stick” coatings.

    If I can do a macaroni and cheese casserole to end up with a nice crust, I will probably return to upgrade the stars if possible. Criticisms and suggestions welcomed !!

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  7. Luis G Sanchez

    Our main oven stopped working, and when we were faced with the decision of replacing it, especially in the current pandemic climate, we were a bit stuck on what to do. Should we brave going out into an appliance store to look at a new full size oven? Then go through the process of having the new full size oven delivered into our home? We decided against this and looked into a temporary solution that would tide us over for potentially the next 6 months to a year, and here enter the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Air Fry Digital Countertop Convection Oven!
    We have been using the oven for about a month at this point, and this product has completely exceeded our expectations! It literally pre-heats in under 1 minute to temperatures around 425 F, which easily is 5 to potentially 10 times faster than our full size oven when it was working optimally! That alone cuts down considerably on cooking and prep times when it’s come to family meals! The size of the countertop oven is also incredible, obviously being not as large as a full size oven, but more than adequate for every meal we have been cooking over the past month for our family of 3!
    It’s also incredibly easy and intuitive to use, my 3 year old loves to help push the buttons to commence cooking, and if we let him know the Mode, Cooking Temp and Time, even he knows how to get everything started and cooking every time successfully (always with our supervision of course)!
    I’ve read some of the negative reviews, and I can state that yes, the oven fan does make noise, but it is hardly enough to be considered “too noisy”. It’s not silent or super quiet, but it’s definitely no louder than a normal microwave.
    Also, some negative reviews have stated the oven is difficult to clean due to the design of the heating elements. I can understand this if food splatter or crumbs build up at the bottom of the oven, but after a month of use, we have not had very much mess result from our cooking, but I’m sure with more use we will encounter some cleaning challenges. We actually just use one of the provided cooking pans placed on the bottom rack for any items we cook directly on the third rack, and this has been able to catch any falling food debris keeping the bottom quite clean. In this way, I feel much of the criticisms can either be easily overcome, or aren’t as bad as some of the more negative focused reviews are making it sound.
    Overall, this product is becoming one of our most essential and most used kitten items in our household, which says a lot of an item we were only initially looking to purchase to temporarily substitute for our full size oven. To be honest, we’re now only using our full size oven for its stove top, which still works, and we may just continue to use the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Air Fry Digital Countertop Convection oven as our primary family home oven for the foreseeable future! Even when we get the option to replace our full size oven, which to our family, says a whole lot about the quality and genuine worth of this product! So highly recommended, and I’m also now very excited to look at other Ninja Foodi products to add to our kitchen collection!

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  8. Tracy

    I’m used to be served, never been a cooker per se. But since I got this, I surprise me looking for recipe and planning for the next amazing thing I will do either in the air fryer mode, dehydrate, roast or simply toast for the morning.
    To be honest I didn’t find the use for the thermometer, might have gone for the little brother to save money know I know I’m not really needing it…But that’s ok.
    Overall really happy, waiting to see how it sustain over time.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    My daughter convinced me to give Ninja brand a try (an old Breville customer) after my toaster oven just wore out. I was hesitant but she uses all Ninja items so I gave this a try. I absolutely love the 2 oven feature & the ability to postpone one or the other oven so that it goes on to finish both oven cooking times at the same time for serving. What an incredible idea. You prepare & set the timer for each oven’s item, then if you want them both to finish cooking at the same time but one has a shorter/longer cooking time, you can set both up with temps/times & the select to have them complete cooking together. The oven with the shorter cooking time waits to turn on until it matches the ending time of the other.

    Many great meal suggestions for preparing entire meals using both ovens. I have only baked and air fryed in each so far so I can’t comment on the eveness of toasting bread but I did find on one pre-packaged item I baked that the temp on the item package seemed a little too high & it browned more than I’d wanted but that isn’t the oven’s problem. The directions were for a regular oven so I think I’ll watch to adjust somewhat for a toaster oven. I am 100% happy with the looks, style & performance of this combination and although it’s large, it fits perfectly next to my stove top and is used daily. Ninja really hit home with this conveneint double oven. Love it.

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  10. TracieT

    Got this for my wife. She just loves it. She is a retired restaurant chef and very particular. Takes a lot to impress her so when I say she loves it, that is saying a whole lot. The flavor of the food coming out of it is fantastic and much healthier than cooking on the stove top or the oven. Cooking time is faster also. Has great features and seems to be built very well. It weighs about 30lbs so it’s not cheaply constructed. She’s so happy with it that she’s letting me sleep in the house again. The garage gets a little cold at night and I don’t have cable TV out there lol. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an air fryer.

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  11. Alexa Patterson

    We LOVE this thing. Can 100% recommend.
    Here are the pros:
    – So many functions in one countertop appliance – toast, bagels, air fry, air roast, etc. Just some of the settings we frequently use.
    – It’s very attractive and matches our other appliances
    – It’s quiet! Like surprisingly quiet.
    – It’s got a great capacity – tray full of potatoes and another of veggies pictured here
    – It comes well equipped with different tray options
    – Very user friendly. My family can come over and use this with no prior knowledge of how it works and navigate it easily.

    The only con that I have come across is that the heating units on the bottom are not the easiest to clean and got a little smokey once when some oil dripped on them. Easy to mitigate, but worth mentioning. It is otherwise very easy to clean!

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