BruMate Insulated Tumblers, Coolers, Mugs, and More, Best Review!

BruMate is a brand that stands out when choosing the appropriate drinkware for any occasion. brümate has become a go-to solution for consumers looking for attractive and functional drinkware due to its focus on providing high-quality items that preserve your beverages at the correct temperature. In this detailed company profile, we’ll delve into BruMate reviews background, examine its unique selling features, and provide an in-depth look at the products and services it offers.

What Exactly Is BrüMate? A Brief History

Dylan Jacob and his team of inventors were passionate about providing a better drinking experience when they started BruMate in 2016. The company aimed to create and manufacture drinkware that preserves your favorite beverages at the ideal temperature regardless of the circumstances. With this goal in mind, they started a line of goods to change how people drink.

BruMate quickly established a reputation for its unique designs and dedication to quality. The brand’s commitment to providing a superior drinking experience resulted in a devoted customer base and positive feedback from people nationwide.

What Are The Pros of Brumate?

There are numerous reasons why someone might consider purchasing a Brumate. Some of the advantages of possessing one of these water bottles are as follows:

  • Depending on the model, they can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours.
  • Built of long-lasting materials that are resistant to dents and scratches.
  • Environmentally friendly because they are constructed of recycled materials.
  • Typically covered by a lifetime warranty.

So, if you want a water bottle to keep your drinks cold, please don’t worry. Cold or hot over a more extended period, it is long-lasting and fashionable. Brumate is an excellent choice that is also environmentally beneficial.

What Are The Cons of Brumate?

There are a few disadvantages to owning a Brumate. First, They can be a little more expensive than other water bottles.

Furthermore, they can be a little heavier, so if you’re looking, a Brumate may not be the best choice for a lightweight option; some users have observed that the paint on the bottles begins to chip with time. The longer you keep the Brumate without maintaining it, the more deterioration and probably bacteria growth you will see.

How Does The Brümate Hot Toddy Work

The Hot Toddy 16-ounce cup comes with a screw-top cover with a seal. The lid is great because it fits right or left-handers. The mouth cover also has a locking mechanism to keep the body in place.

When opened, the mouth cover magnetizes, allowing it to remain in place. Another great feature of our Brümate Hot Toddy mug is that it is the ideal size for a pour-over. While the mug is 16 ounces, you should not fill it more than halfway to the first notch for the cover.

Key features Of the Brumate Rotera Water Bottle

  • It comes with a twistable cover that pops the straw out when you need a drink, so you don’t have to touch it to take a sip.
  • The straw is made of stainless steel, so it can be more sanitary than a plastic straw if kept clean, and it’s reusable, so you won’t have to replace it.
  • It contains a silicone sleeve to protect the bottle from dents if it is dropped. The sleeve is detachable, and you can purchase more sleeves if you become weary of the color you have or if it becomes damaged.
  • The bottle is leak-proof, so even if you drop it in your car or turn it upside down, it should remain sealed.
  • When you add ice, it can keep your drinks cool all day and for up to 24 hours.

Hopsulator TRiO 3-in-1 Can Cooler Complete BruMate Reviews

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, nothing beats a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Okay, if you’re reading this in the dead of winter, it might be difficult to agree. But bear with us because as the seasons change (or the thermostat knob becomes stuck on high), this is one drink accessory we can confidently endorse.

Meet BruMate‘s Hopsulator TRiO 3-in-1 Can Cooler. It’s a beverage chiller that converts canned drinks into insulated bottles. It also has a cover to pour liquids directly into the stainless steel interior. The Hopsulator TRiO’s multi-functionality is extremely impressive, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it in our review.

brumate cooler

Materials And Aesthetics

The Hopsulator TRiO isn’t just a beverage sleeve. We frequently see this type of accessory ranging in quality, from the foam koozies they give away in swag bags to what we have here: a well-built cooler. The Hopsulator TRiO feels ample in the hand, which is understandable. This is a beverages cooler designed to store even large 16-ounce cans. The OD Green colorway we’re testing in this review could be more eye-catching. It doesn’t help the Hopsulator TRiO stand out on a picnic table.

Fortunately, Brümate offers the Hopsulator TRiO in shades, including Neon Pink, Walnut, Gold Leopard, Blush, Glitter Merlot, and Dark Aura. Of course, there are the subtle Midnight, Matte Black, and Onyx Leopard colorways that we prefer. But, in essence, it’s either go quiet or flashy; the option is yours.

Our OD Green sample did pick up a few scuffs along the road, but they’re only paint-deep. The stainless steel body, as well as the other materials, remain unchanged. The cup’s rim and base are silicone, which prevents it from slipping on smooth and damp surfaces. The silicone and stainless steel have somewhat different shades of green.

It’s only slightly different, so it doesn’t concern us too much. The Hopsulator TRiO also has a plastic freezable insert and a see-through plastic top. The lid also has a little magnet that keeps the lip closure in place so it doesn’t strike your nose while you’re sipping. We’re generally pleased with the construction quality. Despite a few scuffs here and there, it blends well with the rugged attitude of the OD Green paint, so no harm is done.

Features And Usage

The Hopsulator TRiO, as the name suggests, has three built-in functions: a cooler for 16 or 12-ounce cans, as well as a cup. Other beverage coolers may be sleeves or suit one type of can, but the Hopsulator TRiO provides more excellent utility without becoming cumbersome to transport.

The design is also fairly straightforward. Inserting large 16-ounce cans is as simple as pushing them in from the top. BruMate created the Hopsulator TRiO so cans can be added without unscrewing the silicone rim. For the most part, this works well for us because most of the cans we try fit in with reasonable resistance. When the can is empty, take it by the rim and pull it out. The silicone rim can also be removed for more straightforward insertion or removal.

The Hopsulator TRiO has a freezable insert to prop up and chill 12-ounce cans. The insert arrives pre-filled, so all we have to do is throw it in the freezer when needed. Despite the spout-like protrusion, it is not refillable; the notch on that side allows the insert to slide down by allowing air beneath to escape.

The Hopsulator TRiO also works nicely as a cup. This function is primarily for cans that are too slim or too fat. We have no trouble pouring most canned beverages because the rated maximum volume is 16 ounces. This isn’t an afterthought, either. The stainless steel interior includes their BevGuard tech, which prevents metallic taste from contaminating drinks. It works well in our experience, though we often leave glasses inside short enough for the flavor to develop (unlike water bottles, which are easier to go half-full accidentally).

It performs similarly to similar goods like YETI and Hydro Flask to keep our canned drinks cold. The thermal performance is excellent, keeping drinks cool even in direct sunlight throughout the hottest part of the day. We never feel the need to reach for a glass of ice cubes. This is, of course, assuming that the drink we’re putting in is cold from the start.

We’re pleased with how well the Hopsulator TRiO performs across all three tasks. As previously said, we have tried comparable goods in the past. But they constantly left us wondering which size to carry. Should we bring the 12-ounce or 16-ounce version? Should we get both? Where will we put the extra weight? It might be okay to go on a road trip with complete control over the cargo area. But what about flying? Every ounce counts.

The Hopsulator TRiO’s main disadvantage has to be its weight. It weighs 1.22 pounds on its own. The flat edges make it easy to grip, but the bulk is something to consider. Fortunately, the 3-in-1 functionality is an all-in-one solution that decreases the gear we carry. We no longer need to bring an insulated bottle and a beverage sleeve; the Hopsulator TRiO takes care of both.

BruMate Reviews


What Makes BrüMate So Unique?

BevGuard was used in the manufacture of all BrüMate products. It’s a patented technology that keeps your drink cool for 24 hours. Customers attest that the technology eliminates the metallic aftertaste that some other stainless steel bottles have.

Another feature that clients appreciate about BrüMate is its design selection. This brand has unique patterns and colors you won’t get from other firms.

Furthermore, its collection of alcohol-specific products distinguishes it, and you can expect fascinating technology that gives you more from your canister than just simple insulation.

BruTank Cooler Brumate Reviews

The BruTank Brumate cooler is manufactured under the Brumate brand. They’re better known for their can coolers and insulated cups, but they also make this fantastic cooler. The brumate cooler is available from BrüMate or Dick’s Sporting Goods.


This is a sizeable 55-gallon cooler with a capacity of 40 pounds of ice, 48 cans, or 12 wine bottles. The cooler can keep ice for seven days. To help it last as long as possible, they propose cooling the cooler with a “sacrificial” bag of ice before adding your drinks and ice.

It boasts all-terrain wheels that roll well even in sand and an easy-pull handle. We chose the Ocean Swirl pattern, which is perfect for my beach aesthetic, although it comes in various colors.

Dimensions and Weight

One thing to remember about the BruTank traveling cooler is its size. This is typical of this style of insulated cooler, but it confused me at first. The dimensions of the cooler are 33′′x20′′x20′′. Because the insulation is 4 inches thick, the inner cooler is 8 inches smaller in each direction. The empty weight of the Brumate cooler is 44 pounds. I couldn’t locate it anywhere on their website, so I used our bathroom scale.

The size of this cooler could be more comfortable, but it rolls smoothly even when packed with ice. Just remember it is large and heavy to transport, especially up and down stairs.

Accessories + Features

Here are some of the things that BruMate promotes, as well as my thoughts on them!

Bench Made Of Foam

The top of the cooler has a “seat” made of 1/4 inch thick foam. We sit on it at the beach, and it’s OK, but it’s nothing spectacular.

Built-In Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is located inside the lid. It is practical, unsuitable for the beach (no glass), but ideal for parties or tailgating.

Dry Basket

A wire mesh hanging basket is also included with the cooler. We use it for packed sandwiches and similar items to keep them chilled and out of the wet ice. It’s a fantastic feature!

Drink Tank

you bought this cooler because of the drink tank. It contains a 2.8-gallon tank and an integrated fixture for serving drinks directly from the cooler.  This was intended for mixed cocktails and tailgating, but we use it to transport ice water to the beach. It is simple to grab Tervis cups, toss them into the cooler, and fill them with new ice water without opening the brumate cooler.

The fixture is high enough to pour while sitting on the ground, and it comes with a silicone cover to keep it clean when rolling or not in use. If you wish, remove the tank and fixture (with a plug to replace it) and have more space for ice and drinks.


BruMate cooler comes with a 5-year warranty.

 BruTank Cooler Brumate

What Is A BrüMate Pour Over Mug?

The Brumate Pour-Over Mug is a travel/camp mug with a built-in pour-over. The pour-over is wrapped in a silicone-like substance that feels great and nests inside the cup for convenient transport. The cup itself holds 20 oz. According to BrüMate, there are 16 oz of coffee and 4 oz of cream. The narrow base accommodates cupholders, while the top extends out slightly. A silicone foundation on the bottom keeps it from slipping around.

On top is a one-of-a-kind lockable lid known as the ‘Muv’ by BrüMate. It is constructed of Tritan Renew plastic. Eastman’s Tritan is a BPA-free plastic created with 50% recycled plastic. We appreciate seeing more recycled content in new products, obvious plastic. Clear hard plastic could not previously be easily manufactured from recyclable material.

A tiny clasp closes around the drinking hole. It can be left alone or locked in place by moving the small tab up. A little magnet protects it from slapping you in the face when it’s in the drinking position. A little handle protrudes just above the latch for easy carrying. I wouldn’t want it swinging outside my backpack, but you could if necessary.

The inside of the handle is lined with a tiny layer of rubber or silicone, making it a little more pleasant. One disadvantage of the Tritan substance is that it should be used with something other than MCT or coconut oil. If you like bulletproof coffee, this cup isn’t for you.

Do you want to spice up your wine-drinking experience? Wine tumblers may do just that, and there are several varieties! You might ask the distinction between an ordinary tumbler and a wine tumbler. We’ll go over the fundamentals of wine tumblers at BrüMate in this guide. Learn more about the qualities that set BrüMate‘s wine tumblers apart and choose the ideal tumbler for you!

What is a Brumate Wine Glass? Buying Guide | Tips

Benefits Of Brumate Wine Glass

Let’s take a look at some of the perks of wine tumblers.


BrüMate wine tumblers are completely leakproof! This makes it simple to bring your favorite wine, no matter where you want to drink it—snuggled up on the sofa? The Uncork XL is the ideal option. Camping at your favorite location? The Winesulator Infinity can keep a whole bottle of wine at room temperature! Whatever you’re drinking, whether white, red, or rosé, it’ll be safe in a BrüMate tumbler.

No Metal Taste

BrüMate’s wine tumblers are all made of stainless steel. This material, together with BrüMate’s ingenuity, is responsible for our wine tumblers’ ability to keep your wine cool for up to 48 hours! They are also specifically engineered to eliminate the unpleasant metal taste that conventional stainless steel tumblers produce. Although each tumbler has its own set of specs, chances are you’ll finish your wine before the temperature drops.

Ideal For a Vacation

The ‘no glass by the pool’ regulation may be a bummer for wine enthusiasts! BruMate wine glass come in very handy here. All five of our wine tumblers are unique but effective ways to respect the regulations without jeopardizing your favorite bottle of wine. You can now take your favorite bottle of wine to the beach or pool without dealing with those tiny plastic glasses. The best thing is that they all have a non-slip base, ideal for those slick vacation surfaces.

Wine Tumbler Design

Each of the BruMate wine glass has its distinct shape. This is due to our goal of replicating the shape of glasses designed for each variety of wine. Our Winesulator, for example, mimics the form of a wine bottle, the Uncork’d XL mimics the shape of a table brumate wine glass, and we did our best with the body of our Champagne Flute to keep your champagne as effervescent as possible.

5 Different TypesOf BrüMate Wine Glass


Are you taking your favorite bottle of wine with you? The BrüMate Togosa is ideal for keeping your bottle cold for up to 48 hours! Its sleek design allows you to easily offer a glass to your friends while keeping your wine or bubbly fresh in this 2-in-1 bottle chiller and leakproof pitcher.

Do you prefer cocktails? This multipurpose tumbler comes with a strainer lid to enable you to pour your favorite small-batch cocktail while entertaining friends and family! Furthermore, the 100% leakproof design will keep it safe while on the run. Here’s a video of the Togosa in action!


If you need to transport a bottle of wine, go no further than the BrüMate Winesulator. This 25oz wine canteen is entirely leakproof, making it ideal for packing in a picnic basket, beach bag, or overnight bag. It also maintains the perfect temperature for up to 24 hours, eliminating the need for ice or coolers! With over 30 colors to pick from, there is bound to be one that will become your go-to friend as we enter spring.

Uncorked XL

The Uncork’d XL 14oz wine tumbler from BrüMate can accommodate half a bottle of wine! Its sleek stemless wine glass shape keeps you feeling fancy, while its leakproof and stainless steel design keeps you focused. You won’t miss a drop whether you’re sipping it on the couch or over the campfire.

If you regularly drink wine with a friend, consider the BrüMate Winsesulator + 2 Uncork’d Bundle. Two Uncork’d wine tumblers, and one 25oz Winesulator wine canteen are included in this set. Bundling is an excellent way to save money while enjoying your favorite wine with friends or family. Check out how our team matches wine and cheese with the Uncork’d XL for your next get-together!

Champagne Flute

Do you want anything bubbly? The BrüMate Champagne Flute is an excellent choice. This wine glass is ideal for toasting a professional victory or recognizing a significant achievement. The 12oz flute keeps beverages cold for hours. It allows you to keep the party going by retaining carbonation for up to 5x longer, not to mention the non-slip base and leakproof design, which makes it ideal for sipping on those regularly slick pool decks!

The champagne flute is also excellent for mimosas! Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and even pre-wedding toasts are on the agenda!

Infinity Winesulator

The Winesulator Infinity is a wine canteen that, like the Winesulator, can keep your favorite red, white, or rosé at the proper temperature. Instead of a standard screw top cap, it comes with a leakproof straw. This makes it ideal for continuous sipping and not much sharing.


brumate wine glass


Where To Buy Brumate

Brumate’s Official Website: You can browse their product range and purchase straight from the manufacturer by visiting the official Brumate website.

Brumate Amazon: Brumate items are frequently accessible on Amazon. On the Amazon website or app, you can search for specific Brumate items.

Online Marketplaces: Besides Amazon, you may check other online marketplaces like eBay to see if third-party vendors have Brumate items available.


Finally, BrüMate insulated drinkware obtains high marks for its ability to preserve temperature, elegant appearance, durability, and convenience. Whether you’re drinking your favorite beverage at home or on the move, the BruMate reviews product line will improve your drinking experience. While they are not the most cost-effective alternative on the market, many consumers believe the expense is worthwhile for the quality and performance they provide.


Is it necessary to freeze the Brümate before using it?

No. Please don’t store your Brumate in the refrigerator or freezer. You can place your can in the fridge first, then in the cooler to keep it cold while sipping.

How do you keep your Brümate goods clean?

Hand-wash your goods in warm water using a soft sponge.

Do you get a taste of steel when you drink a Brümate?

Nope, you don’t. Because of the brand’s BevGuard on each product, there is no metallic taste. All you’ll be able to taste is your favorite beverage.

Is it possible to use a Brümate can cooler as a tumbler cup?

Yes, but Brümate also manufactures tumbler cups.

Can I use a Brümate product to make hot drinks?

Yes, these items are pretty versatile. When you use Brümates, you can keep your coffee and tea at a consistent temperature.

If you’re looking for more excellent deals, consider this electric wine opener, which is simple to use and has over 23,700 5-star brumate Amazon ratings.



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